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Magician of words

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August 6th, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 26
Country: Japan

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April 29, 2020


07/11/2020 01:43 PM 

The witches game: Miracle breaker

After the the defeat of Beatrice but before black battler reign of terror began multiple other games. As a result of of the Beatrices downfall fragmented worlds of the game board started appearing but these worlds were being controlled by the witch of time-Bernkastel. And instead of of gold the pieces needed to help her find a new world. One in which death did not exist. However they were not alone. For as desired to prevent death.  Others simply wanted to see the opposite. So they sought skills more then they had. But this particular game only took place on full moon. When the gates between two worlds world connect. However maebara crossed gate and ended up on a strange island. A place called Rokkinjima.  The first he met a man named battler. And one by one met the others. When battler caught wind of his town chaos the game being played on it. He was offered to be to taught a bit magic. It was then he was given the title "magician of words"-His only to make words become the truth of reality. This is would classified as red truth to battler so all the events destined to happened could be rewritten. So time and time again he was sent back on a full moon. Eventually his body had built up enough power exist in both realms. One he referred to as the "Endless world" and the other the "fragmented world". Which apparently he found out was shard created by bernkastel.


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