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🌸Queen mayleen of heaven🌸

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September 16th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 115
Signup Date:
September 14, 2020


09/14/2020 10:28 PM 


  1. NO one liners allowed on this account more then one liners 
  2. if your married or taken we can not role play and you can not add me only single people can add me
  3. NO lollies or shotas allowed yuck you need to go to prison to think that sh*t
  4. no random starters allowed its forbidden 
  5. if you add me you send me a greeting
  6. if i add you i send you a greeting
  7. NO anime theme role plays allowed or anime shows or games ect.
  8. she is packing extra so if you like that let me know if you do not tell me in advance. 
  9. other futas are welcome to add me and role play with me 
  10. she is sub and dom both switch depending on who she is with 
  11. NO femboys allowed alright not into them 
  12. animals and monsters are welcome to add me your all more then welcome
  13. if you want to date her you have to put taken in your name if you wish to claim her as your mate or lover 
  14. if you wish to be her family let me know in advance so i can put it down in her info below in the blog 
  15. NO grammar police i dont use pucuations ether. 


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