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October 29th, 2020

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March 16, 2020


09/23/2020 02:16 PM 

Precious Marshmallow

"You were feeling unwell, but you didn't want me to worry.  With your smile, you told me everything will be fine and you'd send for me.  You were such a sweet little marshmallow, now that lovely gleam in your eyes is gone,  the sweet marshmallow i loved and cherished will never be taken from me."  Reaching out before her, The researcher placed her hands upon the cheeks of a small child. A strangely solemn yet happy expression was on her face as she caressed the child's face, the child's long white locks slipping between Rula's fingers.  Rula bent her knees lowering herself to face level with her marshmallow.  "My little marshmallow, fret not for i will make them all pay for laying their hands on such a precious sweetie."   Wrapping her arms around the child, Rula pulled her close burying the child's face within her bosom.  The researcher looked down at what she held in her arms, her expression, dour and relieved, but yet equivocal.


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