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November 22nd, 2020

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Gender: Female

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November 21, 2020


11/21/2020 11:15 PM 


1. I already  have  a ship partner, don't  ask  to  ship  with  my Judy as there's  obviously  going  to  be  others  after December  10th. 

2. I do Novella  and  Novella  only.

3. Only  my  closest  friends that have gained my trust  have  my  Discord, don't  ask  for  it.

4. I don't  tolerate  bullies, gossip, or people  who  are invested  in  another's personal  life so if you're here for  that,  guess who isn't? Me. 

5. I  will only  write  with  people  who  are  in my age ranger range and  a bit older as I am over the age of eighteen.

6. I refuse  to  write  with  OC'S. V is canon and  actually  any character  who  is  part  of  the  Cyberpunk RPG world  I am  willing  to  write  with as I will consider them canon and no, I will not write with anyone who just reads the Wikipedia for Cyberpunk or Cyberpunk2077. If you  haven't  played the  table  top, played the  game or watch the Let's plays- Do  not  bother  me.  

7. Don't  invest  yourself  in  my  personal  life, it's  kinda  messed  up and  I get  that  it's  part  of  the  internet culture  that  nothing  is  ever  really  going  to  dissappear when  it comes  to  personal  data and  nothing  anyone  has said online  about  others is really  hidden  ya know? It'll  eventually  bite everyone  on the  a s s so if you're  here  to  attack  me  etc, don't  waste  your time I pretty much keep my personal information to myself.

8. I  am  extremely  selective. I will  read up on people's  characters who add me  to  decide  if I  want  to  add you  and  if I  am  not  interested  I  will  deny or remove  you,  nothing  personal, kid as I must  go  all out. 

9. I am  brutally  honest so I don't  take  s h i t from  anyone, if your only  purpose  in adding  me  is  for numbers or  some  petty reason, do not waste your time  with  attempting to bother me.  I also  refuse  to  respond  to copypastas, People  who  bombard me  for  responses, people  who  are impatient  as my real  life  takes  priority or people  who  seek  attention.  

10. Treat everyone  on my list  with  respect, be civil,  and if my rp posts do not  involve  you then don't  respond  and if you  cannot be  respectful  or civil  to  those  on my list  I will  simply  block you. 

11.Have  fun, I'll follow  your  rules as long as you  adhere  to  mine; if you  can't  follow  my  rules  then I'll just   block  you. 



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