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04/03/2021 05:57 PM 

Playmates. [Short Sample.]
Category: Stories


Unmake a hill with a heavenly hammer! Hard hide crashes onto the lifted earth with awesome power! The green plains are colored with the vociferous roar of this catastrophic kiss of flesh and dirt. Chunks of soil are tossed up and away. A tree of ash and dirt grows swiftly making a small volcano out of this violent extravagance.

Half a minute flies by.

A monstrous chuckle can be heard from the fading hysteria of rumbling sound. A pair of fiery eyes permeate through the murky tower. Something is moving inside the tree of smoke. A being thrice the height of three adult men if each is standing on the shoulder of another. With the mess in the air settling down, its face is better seen, shaped like bull. The hide it has is coal-black. Limbs portray vigor that can lift boulders with ease.

If it were human, the fall would have killed it. But human it is not nor it is weak despite this result of a failed attempt. But what caused it to lay upon this ruptured hill? Or who?

“Splendid,” growled with glee, the creature on the former hill.
“I expected nothing less from a Remnant of the old ocean of creations. Splendid.”

The dangling end of a grey cloak is billowing from the breeze tens of yards above the earth. Before the glare of the afternoon sun stands the silhouette of a hood. This form is aloft without any worry of the pull of the world below. Whoever this is, their meadow-graced pearls surrounded by a corspe hide are staring down at the beast within the risen smoke and dust. Friend or foe, the creature is amused by the talent of the cloaked angel.

“You bear the strength of a god yourself, dear Beast,” rebutted the man, courtesy and bravado in how he flaunted his hidden tongue behind a cloth mask.
“The day is young. Surely, this match will not end with you simply resting on that hill.”
If denied with all this pitiful eyesore of a vagabond’s thread, the smirk of the man in grey would be palpable.

A guttural chuckle is produced by the bull-like creature. Slowly, it rises from the ground. It tilts its head left and right perhaps to remove any dirt on its head. The pair of horns it has followed along with the gesture. Perhaps a bone or two on the neck is given an invigorating crack. Devilish gaze is set upon the cloaked fellow.

“A fair point, Sir Grey. Thus, permit me to... retort.”

Knees bend. The pair of hooves dig into the disheveled earth. A grin forms beneath its snout. Crackle away, rattling air as the speed of sound is challenged! The creature tosses itself high to close the gap between the man and itself. The left arm is cocked and a fist clenched to greet the cloaked stranger with something fierce and unfriendly. The man jolts his shoulders and a knee to force himself to pull back and evade the incoming trauma.

Too late and too slow a reaction.
S M A S H !
Fist kisses the cloth-covered chest!

The cloaked fellow is hurled mightily up into the sky in a wide arc. The creature is pleased that its single blow landed. Crackle once more, the rattled air! The beast uses this formless sea of breath as a brief platform to toss itself again in an attempt to pursue the dislocated man. To its delight, the other is already twisting his limbs to fight the grueling predicament he was given and regain heaven-blessed balance.

Roar on, self-hurled monstrosity!

Playmates above the verdant plains, man and beast, through power and fury.


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