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junichi okada!
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Looking for?


>>> Triggering and/or disturbing potential themes ahead, please be wary if it's not your cup of tea! If you dislike it, please dni, thanks! <<<


Darker themes preferred. Perhaps an abusive owner/family member, captor, or something of the sorts, either heavily abusive or not. Maybe something with a stockholm syndrome-esque plot, just to throw an idea out? Or, perhaps something along the Yandere plot, whether it's my character or yours that takes the Yandere role. But then, of course, maybe it's something more simple like a stalker or molester looking for some fresh meat, or a new pet…or, maybe it ends up being a family member.

Typically anything sexual in nature is a go, f-list is provided of course! Not everything has to be included, obviously some of the more strange ones that not everyone is into as well, although the sky is the limit. Would absolutely love someone for a long term, dark roleplay. Violent themes welcomed, taboo ones as well, any gender is most certainly welcome although with a male lean! 

On the other hand, I'm also open to plots not quite as violent, and ones rather nice in nature! Slice of life sort of stuff. However, I've been craving some darker plotlines recently, although other ideas can be discussed in private.


F-LIST: https://www.f~list.net/c/junichi%20okada/

x x x

Basic Information

Name ▹Junichi Okada 

Nicknames ▹ Jun, Ichi

Age ▹16-18, can vary

Gender/Species ▹Male, part cat

Nationality ▹Japanese

Occupation ▹Works as a fast food cashier, so he’s able to wear a hat to hide his features. A student, otherwise. 

Sexuality ▹Bisexual

Sub/Dom? ▹Submissive. Despite being stubborn or bratty, he totally cracks under pressure.



Hair Color ▹Totally black, cat ears blend in easily.

Eye Color ▹Red

Height ▹5’4

Weight ▹115lbs

Generally Wears ▹Baggy clothes- a hoodie with a t-shirt underneath, sweats or baggy jeans, sneakers, typically skater-esque ones.

Is Less Likely To Wear ▹Anything formal, proper, or shows off his shape. 

Body type/features ▹ Not malnourished, though quite skinny. Little to no muscles with fairly pale, smooth skin. If stretching, ribs may show slightly. Perky nipples, around a 5 inch member. Body hair is essentially nonexistent. His figure is fairly feminine in a way, so he tends to avoid anything form-fitting. He’s able to easily tuck his tail away, ears as well. The only features that may cause suspicion is his oddly sharp teeth, somewhat pointed nails and occasional mannerisms.


Family & Friends Information

Mother ▹ Deceased.

Father ▹ Alive, though often absent from his children's lives. 

Brother(s) ▹Takibi, Oldest (27). Satoshi, Middle (24).

Sister(s) ▹N/A

Friends ▹A few school buddies, but that’s about it.


Likes, Dislikes, Etc. 

Favorite TV Shows ▹Movies, anime, anything he can avoid responsibilities with.

Favorite Foods ▹Typically instant meals. Ramen, other noodles, microwave food, you name it- anything generally unhealthy. The only exception is that he absolutely loves seafood.

Favorite Possessions Owned ▹Some manga he has collected over the years, this really cool ring he got from a cereal box, and the alley cats he feeds every now and then.

Things Disliked ▹ Baths, being overpowered, being looked down upon/humiliated, anything that typically undermines him.



(WIP, may change or vary!)


Being the youngest of two brothers was a bit of a pain in the ass. Between being the essential runt of the litter, having to hide such features, and having to survive everyday life without being called out, well...it got difficult. Not to mention, his overall personality makes it worse. His older brothers are, of course, way more successful than he is. One has a family, the other a successful scholar, and then that leaves Junichi...barely passing grades, a sh*tty part time job getting underpaid, and spending whatever other time he has leftover in his gross little apartment. But, it was everyday life. At this point, he didn’t really mind it. 


Other than family, no one knows about his cat-like features. He hasn’t kept friends around along enough to trust them, and he knows that if some creeps found out he had cute little ears and a tail, well...he probably wouldn’t see the outside world again. Though who knows, maybe in the blink of an eye, all that could change someday.


Mischievous, bratty, and stubborn. Junichi was this and much more. He tends to be a little sh*t, it’s rare seeing any other sort of side to him. Perhaps he puts up a tough front as a defense. Or, maybe he just likes it. His attitude doesn’t mesh well with being forced to be kind to customers at his job, nor does it work well with making and keeping friends...but, he can’t lose either, or he’ll really become the scum of society. Either way, eventually he’s bound to push the wrong buttons on the wrong person. 




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