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To fit into this world, the female, having been stuck here for a little under 5 years, gave up on returning home and decided to take up a new role. Hero. A term this world uses to label the extraordinary and over achieving while the rest of the world remains as “normal” civilians. The humans here didn’t look human.With her abilities it made things easier for her to be herself rather than hide.  She was not human but, with all the strange deformities in the realm, no one would notice, she could blend in and play human. Her pointed ears were looked over because so many people had them around here. Her ice abilities, that was nothing when a man can completely encase himself in flames was the number one hero, Endeavor, but there was more too it. If caught in her ice one would succumb to her ability to read those that her ice touches. Her "Quirk" as they reffered to it, was sensory but still physical. So it was safe to say that she could get by here, survive even. Make a life for herself, and help people without prejudice or risk being murdered just for being who and what she was. Masutafu, Japan, Where hero’s used to be worshiped and revered, whereas now...with this terrible uprising of the league of villains presenting themselves as the Paranormal Liberation Front, the people have lost faith in the Hero’s and turned to liberating themselves instead of relying on those that they see had failed them. SInce the symbol of peace, All Might, retired this whole region had taken a turn for the worst. 

She scoffed as she pulled her white hood over her recently cut white hair and a braid down her back. She folded her large leathery dragon like wings against her back as the wind whipped around her. She stood on the top of a tall building before she crouched down and watched the streets. Her bright violet eyes were covered by a visor with serrated ridges along the top of it with horns that curve up from the sides like dragons that were clear but protected her face from the elements. Her hood was attached to her cape which was only mid back and left room for her wings to come and go as she pleased. It was quite a task to leave then out all the time. Right now she was wingless and liked to remain that way. Though the back was out where her wings could come out with no problem, she wore a white body suit that fit like a second skin, her arms covered in hard but lightweight alloy made to look like dragon scales, made of breathable smart material that made it easy for her to move and cut through the air. She wore knee high boots that lace in front. A mask hung around her neck that. She didn’t want her face all over the television in the event something happens, and she didn’t want anyone to be able to recognize her either.

She still had faith in the heros. She wasn’t an official hero herself though. She came from across the continent with the hopes of doing more good. Most would say she was a vigilante or a rogue hero. She traveled a lot, helping people that needed it, doing the best that she could to keep people's spirits up during this hard time. Trying to give them hope and with no one knowing who she was helped a little. She was young, a bit naive even but she knew she had a good heart, before her mother died she made sure to remind her of that. Nazri gripped the edge of the building as she leaned over to survey the streets. If she was discovered she would probably be captured and questioned. Being considered practically a villain herself would mean trouble for her if she was discovered. The villains were practically tearing Masutafu apart, at least for now...it was quiet.


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