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May 11th, 2021

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Gender: Male

Age: 17
Country: Japan

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May 02, 2021


05/02/2021 08:07 PM 


+ semi-selective adds
+ 20 y/o
+ yes, i've had a few other accounts...well, more than just a few. sorry if it's annoying, but my attention span is zero to none q w q,,,
+ POTENTIAL TRIGGERING THEMES!! (ex, scars/harming, disorders, abuse, etc)
+ alright so I am DYING to do a pregame!saiouma roleplay, if there's anyone willing to play a pregame!Shuichi (one that's like,,, a super creep/stalker who's kind of a sadomasochist...or, a pregame!Kaito is another fav!) and wants to do that please, please PLEASE tell me!! 
+ NSFW can be discussed in chat! 
+ again, on the NSFW topic, don't be afraid to discuss somewhat controversial kinks or interests with me if that's something you're looking to include, i love hearing any sort of suggestions- and i mean anything!!
+ open to triggering or dark topics, not many limits here! anything with blood, gore, torture, or suggestive NSFW themes are all fair game!
+ VERY easygoing when it comes to plots (or, again, triggering themes) so if you have something in particular you'd like to try, please don't hesitate to suggest it! i'm open to hearing anything (as mentioned).
+ probably won't request nor message first, i'm kinda awkward lmaoooaoa
+ open to trade info on places outside of here to chat (discord preferred) but only after a bit of chatting, please!
+ good grammar is preferred!
+ i, personally would like to be canon characters, but i'm happy to RP with other canon characters and OC's
+ i love all sorts of replies, but nothing less than one or two sentences please! i love to write, but i also love just casual stuff, so anything ranging from one or two sentences to multiple paragraphs (as many as you'd like!) i'd absolutely, 100% be open to!
+ i love in character greetings, so i have no problem receiving them if you so desire! however, if that's not your style and you would rather discuss first OOC then i'm 100% fine with that too.
+ if anything else comes to mind (and i somehow remember) i'll be adding to this!

f-list: https://www.f~list.net/c/ouma%20x


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