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Gender: Male

Age: 25
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April 20, 2021


05/04/2021 12:29 PM 

Character 7

Name: Adam
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6ft
Genre: Fantasy

Story: He was a being cursed with the ability to change into a werewolf, He acted feral at times but when he was in control of his emotions he came off as a very caring person.
He was with his Kin until he met someone who had caught his eye they were a mage that had come to help his Kin with a problem in the forests around their home, Evil spirits had been terrorizing them for years, This person had cleared the area of the spirits and Adam had an urge to follow this person and explore the world with them.

Personality: Pretty reckless at times.
Can be aggressive towards strangers.
Can be protective if he starts to care for someone.
Caring about wild creatures.
Enjoys the moonlight.

Abilities: Stronger than most people.
Has the ability to change at any time but will cause fatigue when changing back.
Has an affinity for magic but does not know it yet.


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