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07/26/2021 09:35 PM 


A thunderous crack ripped through the clouds, creating a hue of violet to stain the skies for but a mere moment—and from the parted clouds, a silhouette of a woman fell.

Her eyes remained focused on the clouds that spiraled up above as she descended with great speed. Despite the dramatic fall from the atmosphere, the look on her face was fearless and rather blank.

A few seconds passed, and she was nearing a crash landing. Her white cape fluttered around her in a violent fury, as she crossed her arms over her chest in thought. This was not what she had in mind.

“Damn that Gnihtontogi….” She growled while spurting down towards the Earth with increasing speed.

Even as she assumingly fell to her doom, she couldn’t help but dwell on the cosmic creature that sent her here. This wasn’t the 10th Circle. It was another of ‘its’ games. Gnihtontogi had yet again sent her to another world where she didn’t belong.

The last place the creature sent her was riddled with tests and games of morality. To save or let die. To kill or be killed. There were drastic scenarios, one after another. She already knew that this would be no different.

Seconds before crash landing to the ground, the woman did a series of exhibitionist flips and twirls— as if mocking the creature that rudely pushed her into this realm from such great heights. On the last flip, she managed to land on her toes, as subtle as a feather. However, the aftershock of her graceful landing sent waves of dust and gravel to explode around her circumference.

A heavy dirt cloud blurred the area, and when the dust settled, the woman stood tall and proud with her decorated hand resting pleasantly on her hip. Her loose silver tresses were still flowing from the whirlwind of energy that emitted from her lithe being.

“Can’t kill me that easily you stupid squid!” She shouted at the sky with a raised fist, directing her anger at the opening of the clouds from where she fell. There was no doubt about it, she wasn’t human and possessed supernatural powers which accentuated her significance. Her gaze lowered after a sudden shock ripped through her sensitive senses.


Her composure dwindled as she raised her hands to hold the sides of her head. She could hear it… Scathing screams and blood curdling cries. It was so loud that she couldn’t help but feel disoriented. This was actually a new ability gifted by the cosmic horror, Gnihtontogi— the power of telepathy. Unfortunately, she was still new to this ability and had little control or resilience towards the intensity it came with.

The shrilling shrieks nearly brought her to her knees. It was enough to make her feel like her ears were about to burst. What a horrible ability, she thought in the midst of her own agony.

Finally, she managed to calm the voices into a lower tone, and shook her head with eyes closed tightly. F*cking horrible.

It was then, as she took a deep breath and opened her eyes, she witnessed a village below the valley. Even without using her unique sight, she could see the ongoing carnage and engulfing flames. She put two and two together and realized that the screams came from the village beyond. In the sufferable cocophony of cries rambling on in her mind, she managed to hear other voices… it was different from the pained wailing… it was... voices of evil and destruction. They spewed haunting words that sent chills down her spine. The attackers… they were enjoying the violence and bloodshed and their thoughts were so devious, so dark, so cruel. It was maddening.

“Another one of your tests, ay Gnih?”

To help the village or just stand idly by? The cosmic creature set her up in yet another one of its morality games. She exhaled, rubbing her head from all the noise jumbled up inside.

“Alright, c’mon focus!” She lightly slapped the sides of her head with both hands and shook it off once more.

Without another moment wasted, she levitated just a few inches, as a sudden burst of electromagnetic energy sent her flying slightly above ground and towards the raided village in the valley.




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