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February 18, 2022


05/21/2022 12:03 PM 

Austin War
Category: Stories

He is the current Brigadier General of an order known as the Blood Knights. And a force to be reckoned with.

Austin War grew up in what was known as Holdsbraum Academy. A special private school founded for housing orphans and giving them a top-notch education. To him, however, it might as well have been hell. Throughout the entirety of his childhood and teenage years, Austin was physically bullied and beaten on almost a daily basis due to his looks and reclusive personality. His eyes were scared with claw-like marks and he had crimson colored hair all the way down to his roots. He hated it, but every time he would try to dye it or cut off a piece, it would shed the dye within a day and grow back normally. Eventually, he just learned to live with it and just keep it cleaned up.

During his time there, however, Austin took the time to study and learn what he could about self-defense and archery as well as the other core subjects a school would teach. This helped him keep most of the violent students at bay for the remainder of his stay.  Ten years have passed since that day and Austin had since joined the Blood Knights. Through his mentor and comrade, Col. Soron Von Erde, Austin has further improved his abilities in close-quarters combat (including unarmed as well as daggers, swords, and staffs), gained extensive knowledge in becoming a marksman (including further development in archery as well as pistols and rifles), an interrogator, and a grenade specialist. Ame Ryōken, the Lt Col. of the Blood Knights (recruited to the US by Soron), is Austin's spotter and computer tech specialist. They are the backbones of the operation.

The Blood Knights are a resistance force against any illegal operations run by the government under the guise of bounty hunters on both land and the final frontier. Something Austin enjoys thoroughly. In space, where their fortress of a ship and their secondary station roam, they work with their own army to stop any forces to come to Earth as hostiles or any threats in general.

Currently, he stands at 6'2" and wears a custom-tailored black & red uniform along with a long coat that bears the mark of the Blood Knights on his back. Casual wear includes black jeans, long-sleeved shirt, gloves and a lightweight coat.


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