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September 16, 2022


09/19/2022 10:43 PM 

Rules+ Guidelines

  1. No drama, hate, gossip, competition or Immature behavior. I have dealt with it in school, and I don't want to deal with it in roleplay.
  2. No Bigotry, no closed minded people, no minors or minor aged characters. I'm not interested in pedophilia or pedophile behavior. If you want to write a minor in a relationship with an adult- do not come around me.
  3. Grammar and proper Punctuation, I want people who remember how to write drafts and how to edit their writing before sending it.
  4. No copy pastas and, please don't send me a half a s s e d reply or starter that is a self insert for a verse rp either.
  5. English speaking writers only. As I am from the US, I would rather write with people who are literate in English and know the language.
  6. I am not always active, I have more than one account, so I might be on one more than another.
  7. I have a life, I have a family and have chores and work, my life does not revolve around roleplay, our interactions or you.
  8. I Multi-ship, if you don't like that, then don't add me, like at all.
  9. I don't tolerate people well, Sometimes human interactions can drain me and burn me out within a couple hours.
  10. I am a 25+ account, this is because I would rather write with adults around my age than with people younger than me. I am not a creep, sorry not sorry.
  11. Depending upon the verse, I write a lot of triggering themes along with using explicit and adult language and situations. This account is not an E r o/ s m u t place. Keep that crap away from me.
  12. Obviously no God modding or controlling my character.
  13. No, I don't write pvp, I am retired. I write fighting scenes against a wave of enemies that my partner and I will encounter.
  14. If you cannot be civil with me, if you cannot keep any issues with me you have between us, then please don't bother adding me, I don't need or desire to be surrounded by fake and flaky people.
  15. If you don't like me, then just don't add me. I'm here to write, not deal with insignificant drama that could easily be ignored and handled like civilized adults.
  16. If you don't want to act like an adult, don't add me.
  17. I have discord, however I make it clear that I only add people after knowing them longer than two weeks. This is due to drama with a girl who verbally lashed out at me while playing victim and twisting s h i t around. I don't play games like that.
  18. If you are seeking attention, gratification, popularity, competition or drama, do not add me. I am not here for that.
  19. Take as much time as you need to respond, just give me the same treatment and we'll be solid.
  20. I only write in third person and in character.
  21. Do not send me messages asking me if I would like to Role play, ship, or messages where your character invades my characters personal space, this means touching, grabbing, etc. This will get you blocked.
  22. I hate children/ minor characters, don't come at me asking for my character to adopt yours. Kids realistically are costly, needy, dirty, selfish and annoying. I just don't like adults who write as kids and put them in dangerous situations as my characters typically are put into dangerous situations and I just don’t feel like having kids tagging along and dying on my character.
  23. I have an intense hatred for people who assume things and start rumors and lies for clout. If you’re here to clout chase or gain popularity points then we’re not gonna get along and you’re not going to have a good time.
  24.  I write drafts, I have an editor/ reader who spell checks for me, I put in a lot of work in my writing and I make sure that there's minimal errors on my end. 
  25. If you want a connection with my character, then either you work on it or you give me time to work on it on my end, don't go behind my back being like "She doesn't want to rp with me, lol" while I'm LITERALLY bending myself backwards working on informatrion YOU should work on yourself. 
  26. I respect that you're a Straight Female and I'm not your type, please respect that you're not my type. 
  27. If I am civil and Nice to you, it means I see you as a person, Please treat me with the same respect. 
  28. Yes, I write LGBTQ+ and Straight Characters, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM HERE TO BE FETISHIZED. You do this and pull an Entitlement card on me, I will block you faster than you can say FEAR TURKEY. 
  • Selectiveness: I am semi-selective on who I RP with, don’t take this as thinking that I dislike you or your character, it solely has to do with personal taste and opinion.
  • Grammar/punctuation: I really prefer to have proper grammar in the posts that I read. I don’t expect anyone to a perfect grasp on it, but at least know the basics of it. The same goes with punctuation, this is even more important than grammar. Reading a long post without dots, comma’s and quotation marks to break up sentences and spoken words is a real hassle.
  • OC Friendly: OCs are perfectly welcome and encouraged even, my only request is that you actually have a well written, grounded and detailed OC, having an OC that fills in the same character in different fandoms is just not interesting to me. 
  • Canon Friendly: Personally I’d love to interact with canon characters, regardless of who they are. But at least play the character properly to their known characterization, AUs (Alternate Universes) are fine.
  • RP Starters: Starters are typically posted through messages, while it is preferable to discuss a setting and theme first through comments, I do not mind random RP starters so long that they have a clear setting; location, day of time, weather (if outside), etc. 
  • RP Threads: Once a starter has been made and I have replied to it, reply to the response that I made. Don’t send the following post in messages, this can be very confusing, especially because I like to read up my last post before your reply. I have no limitations to RP length, posts will vary in length depending on the situation but at least try to keep it to one paragraph. 
  • Metagaming: Don’t do this, seriously, do not do this. Nothing irks me more than having metagaming in a roleplay. Metagaming is when you OOCly know things your character should not know, yet have your character know. 
  • Godmodding: Same as Metagaming, do not do this. Godmodding comes in many ways, but prime examples are; having your character be invulnerable to any kind of attack, no matter how powerful. Or having your post assume something that my character would do, such as “He looks at her with fire in his eyes, he can see her shrink in fear before her”.
  • Don’t force-ship: I am not particularly interested in shipping my characters with those of anyone else, on the rare occasion that I do means that they are a special exception due to specific reasons between me and their player. I also hate people who go out of their way to attack others because they don't write the ship the way they want.
  • No NSFW RP: While adult themes are allowed, don’t expect anything lewd to ever happen in any of the RPs. 
  • Adults Only: This is obvious, If I think your character is underage by how they look, I will deny you. I'm not sorry for this at all. It's mostly to protect myself and this is why I'm selective AF. Aside from adults writing minor aged characters and shipping with legal adult characters. 
  • Mun Vs Muse: If you have issues differenciating the mun from the muse, don't add me as If we're close I will tell you about myself irl, however if you decide that I am my muse, bye, see ya, the clown make up and the outfit are at the door.
  • Busy Vs Procrastination: Generally I am busy as I have a life outside of this hobby, I don't play games and I certainly am not here to do so with people. I don't always rp, as I am a gamer. 
  • Relationships and RP: I'm looking for platonic relationships irl, I'm not interested in romantic relationships, this is because I am in a relationship irl with two fellow rpers, so if you assume that our relationship is cheating, don't add me as we both view rp as fantasy and if you fall inlove with me irl, that's your own problem. 
  • Personal Info: Yes, I'm 29, going on into my 30's. Yes I am in a Poly relationship, yes I am comitted to my partners, Yes I suffer from Bipolar, ADHD, OCD, PTSD and Depression, Yes I am physically disabled. Yes, I am a RP myspace Veteran (2004-2009), Yes I am mixed race but am white passing due to my european heratige. Yes  I am Demisexual, yes I have trauma which is why I am on the asexual spectrum, No, I don't use my mental issues, Race, or my physical issues or class status as an excuse to be a s h i t person. No, I don't view anyone as less than a person or a human, I think it's gross to be xenophobic and Phobic in general.
  • Go easy on me: I am a caffine addict, I get hyper when talking to others, Coffee literally runs through my veins. I was raised to be blunt and brutally honest and speak my mind and have my own opinions,  I try to get to know my writing partners and see if we mesh well before roleplaying, this is very much due to what I was taught by the RPERS before my generation. 
  • I'm a real person behind the screen: I have feelings, I lash out verbally and I will treat you how you treat me. I don't like people who don't see me as anything other than competition because I'm far beyond that s h i t. If you have an issue with me, take it up with me civilly, but don't act like a f u c k i n g child.
  • I'm NOT Straight and I am NOT Female:  I don't consider myself female, I hate people putting me in a box, depending on gender, race, orientation or how much money I make etc. Personally, I don't do the whole gender thing, I go by They/Them because sometimes I feel female and sometimes I feel male. I write both sexes, this is why I go by they/them. I hate people who think their superior to someone else, if you can't accept my pronouns and  misgender me, you can f u c k off. I don't consider myself straight either, I may lean towards males more than females, however this doesn't mean that I don't value women or men and I don't see them as a man or woman, if you're trans I consider you the gender you want to be viewed and I respect your pronouns and your name. Because you're a f u c k i n g human and deserve to be treated with the respect. Just remember to treat me with the same respect.
  • I'm Pagan: My deities are Hades and Persephone. Please be respectful, don't try to convert me to christianity etc. I don't do that with paganism, as I beileve that everyone is free to believe whatever they want, however if you can't be respectful and can't understand boundaries don't add me.
  • This is a Hobby for me: It's the same with video games, reading and playing gitaur. their hobbies, don't treat it like a job, don't give me deadlines, Time is precious, however my views on time differ to yours. I don't take kindly to pressure. 
  • This is purely fantasy: Don't get attached to me. If you get attached to me, that's your own fault and your own problem. 
  • Like me or don't like me:  If you like me, cool, if you don't like me, cool. I honestly don't care, it's your opinion as I'm not here to be liked or to be popular, hell I'm just here to write and have fun. my main focus is writing and interacting as the character, not chit chatting, not discussing. 
  • Interactions: I prefer writers who introduce their character in character and being descriptive while you set the scene, don't just ask me if I'd like to rp, don't even bother with me because you'll get the response of "that's why I made the account." I prefer people who set the "stage" and introduce their character by describing their appearance and their attire before extending their hand and being like "My Name is ____, what is yours?" I don't discuss, I'm old school. If you have an idea write it out, write a draft, give a proper character introduction, or don't bother adding me, that simple. 
  • Boundaries: Don't ask me about my traumas or assume. Don't invade my character's personal space. Don't ask me for private information( I.E Name, location, phone number, email). Don't make fun of me, like at all, if you do I will consider it as cyberbullying. 


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