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April 23rd, 2023

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Gender: Female
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Age: 18
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November 22, 2022


11/23/2022 01:30 PM 


I'll get my rules out of the way

18 plus please, even if it’s SFW it makes me uncomfortable to write with minors

I can write anything from a few lines to multiple paragraphs, but I prefer 1-2 paragraphs and ask for you to at least do half a paragraph when I write one

I’m an understanding person! I’ll wait about a week to remind you, unless you inform me if you’re busy (and I can see that you’re actively online) and I don’t have a reply in 2-3 weeks I’ll delete you when I clean out my friends list

English isn’t my first language, mistakes happen and sometimes things are worded weird. I get it. Please have some basic grammar though

I have a few years of experience when it comes to roleplaying and I consider myself a decent writer. I like to have fun, and I enjoy all sorts of roleplays but romance must be a part of it. I find myself getting bored when romance isn’t involved. I can definitely work with dark themes and personally love them, and I work very well with them! I hope to write with you ❤


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