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  • Childhood:

    Hisako was born into the Fuyu Clan as the second eldest of Hana Fuyu and Hirito Uchiha. Her older brother, Ike Uchiha, was cast out of the clan being considered weak and not fit to fulfill the destiny to become the next Hyogakage and because of this, Hisako and her older brother Ike, never met or grew up with each other in the Fuyu Clan. Because of Ike’s disownment, Hisako became the heir to the Fuyu Clan.

    Hisako was raised in the Glacier Village. It is a larger village with many advantages that allowed it to become a very powerful and strong village. Full of plenty of military might and power, this village was seen as one of the strongest alongside the Leaf Village. However, due to the chaotic state of choosing a new Hyogakage, internally, there was typically strain and anticipation among the members of the village.

    Every new generation, a new Hyogakage is chosen out of the two most powerful clans in the village. This meant that each clan chose their own child to train to become the next Hyogakage. And now, whether Hisako wanted to or not, she was chosen to run for the position of the next Hyogakage. As soon as she could speak, her mother began her training in the arts of politics, and as the life of a shinobi.

    She was allowed a social life, but only with children within her own clan, or with children of her mother’s choosing. And, when she became old enough to form her own opinion, she wanted to become a healer but her mother quickly squashed her dream of becoming a healer to continue her training to become the next Hyogakage.

    Despite her upbringing, she was always seen as a kind and gentle hearted spirit. She never took her mother’s harsh training too hard and continued to be sympathetic and kind to everyone she met.

    However, her destiny, and her path in life was completely shattered when she was six. In a desperate attempt to gain a leg up in the competition for title of the new Hyogakage for her daughter, Shiko Yukigafuru, Akane Yukigafuru, the current Hyogakage, contacted an old clan that used to belong to the Glacier Village and was going to work with them to gain that leg up. Akane allowed the clan access to parts of the village that were off limits for very specific reasons, and they released a chakra beast onto the village.

    The destruction of the Glacier Village was quick and efficient. While the chakra beast was being released, the Yumi Clan distracted the village shinobi by using a powerful Genjutsu that convinced weaker shinobi, or normal civilians that family, friends, relatives, were all their enemies. While the bloodshed begun with this release of the Genjutsu, and chaos set in, the Yumi Clan released the wrath of the Chakra Beast on the village destroying it.

    During the destruction of Hisako’s home village, she witnessed scenes that no child should have witnessed, which had activated her Sharigan, although she had no idea that was what had happened. And by the time the destruction was over, and she retreated from the village, she was reported to be the only one left alive. Even her infant baby sister did not survive the destruction.

    Hisako was found unconscious on the bank of a river by some Sand Village Shinobi and they took her to the Sand Village. There, she stayed for a few weeks until they could figure out who she was and where she was from. Over her few weeks of staying at the Sand Village, she met Gaara and his siblings and became as close friends with them as she could given what she had just lost. Because of the extensive loss however, she had temporarily became mute.

    Eventually it was found that she was a survivor of the Glacier Village destruction, but that she was also an Uchiha and that she had family in the Leaf Village. Once that was found out, she was escorted by a young Itachi Uchiha to the Leaf Village, and immediately had an audience with Lord Hokage. During the meeting, he had requested that Fugaku Uchiha attend since Hisako’s father was Fugaku’s younger brother. Fugaku immediately disowned young Hisako due to a dishonor her father committed against the Uchiha Clan.

    Hisako spent the next few weeks in a small hotel room that Lord Hokage got for her until they could figure out a more permanent solution. That’s when Lord Hyuga caught wind of the young Heir to the Fuyu Clan being orphaned due to the destruction of the Glacier Village. Lord Hyuga, in his youth, was close friends with Hana Fuyu and felt that he had a duty to honor her memory by taking Hisako in and raising her.

    Hisako moved in with the Hyuga’s and was raised with the lower branches of the family. She stayed mute for a few months out of fear that if she spoke, she would be required to speak about the horrors she saw. Eventually though, she grew out of her trauma developed shyness and timidness and began talking again. She eventually built a friendship with Hinata, and even though it was difficult for her at first, she eventually started to build a respect and almost a relationship with Neji.

    Her relationship with Neji started out rocky at first, since he only saw her as another thorn in his side. Another princess to watch over and protect. But, Hisako trained with Neji as often as she could. She saw how strong he was, and knew that she had to get stronger. One day, Neji asked her why she tried so hard. She didn’t have to, it wasn’t her destiny to become strong. And Hisako’s response was “Well, my destiny was destroyed along with the Glacier Village. So, until I find my path again, I’m going to do the only thing I can do. And that is to continue to become as strong as I can,”

    But, her new destiny in life didn’t take too long to find her again. When the teams from the villages were attempting to piece together the destruction of the village, it came to light of Hisako’s true destiny and inheritance. Not only was she the Heir to the Fuyu Clan, but she was to become the next Hyogakage now that her competition, Shiko was dead.

    Lord Hokage requested an audience with her one day to discuss this destiny she had since her birth and explained to her that although at the moment no other survivors had been found from the destruction of the Glacier Village, he believed that Hisako should be trained in how to be a Hyogakage for the day that the Glacier Village be founded again. So, now in the Leaf Village, she began her extra training again on the responsibilities of being a kage. This was kept a secret and only Lord Hokage and his closest advisors knew of this. So Hisako kept it a secret as well.

    With Hisako’s extra training, and her own determination to become as strong as she could, she quickly excelled at the academy. She became close friends with her cousin, Sasuke, since they both took to the idea that they were the only Uchiha left alive. They both became a support for one another, but Hisako still excelled past her cousins level and quickly jumped through the academy to be able to graduate with Neji’s class.

    She graduated with Neji’s class, and gained a position on Team Gai (replacing Tenten). By this point, Neji and Hisako had developed a close friendship and connection. They constantly trained together and at the academy, it was observed that they made an almost impossible team to beat against any others. They used their strengths and weaknesses to strengthen one another. Which was one of the factors that convinced the teachers at the academy to allow Hisako to graduate early. Preteens and Teens: Team Gai spent two whole years training, gaining strength and going on missions to prepare for the Chuunin Exams, so when the Chuunin Exams for them rolled around, Team Gai was ready. However, they’re confidence was challenged when after they split up in the Forest of Death, although Hisako was able to gain the Earth Scroll to match their Heaven Scroll, on her way back to the meet up spot, she was confronted by Orochimaru. Even though Orochimaru had just marked Sasuke, he wanted more. And saw the opportunity to mark two individuals with Uchiha Blood too good to pass up.

    After an intense battle with Orochimaru, one that tested Hisako’s both mental and physical limits, Orochimaru finally had enough, saw enough, and marked Hisako with the same curse mark. Instead of the mark on her neck, because she jumped away at the last minute, he marked her upper left arm. Once Neji found out that no one had met back up at the meeting spot, he immediately went in search for his teammates. He was seconds behind the marking, and found Hisako in a state of agony as the curse mark took root.

    Team Gai passed the second exam, and moved onto the one on one fights. Hisako was given a bad hand when she was forced to fight against Temari of the Sand. Since Hisako couldn’t use her chakra, she was at a large disadvantage with the small amount of taijutsu she knew and was quickly defeated in a brutal fashion.

    After her curse mark was sealed away, she knew she had to get stronger so she followed Kakashi Sensei and her cousin Sasuke to learn the Chidori.

    She spent the next test as a spectator in the stands and after Naruto and Neji had their fight, she went to the infirmary to see if she could offer Neji support when she saw Lord Hyuga walking towards the infirmary and decided against going there. She was heading back when the village was attacked. She knew that Lord Hokage was going to be in danger during this battle, and felt that it was her duty to protect Lord Hokage at all costs.

    She made it in time to be trapped inside the barrier along with Lord Hokage. At first, she tried to fight alongside Lord Hokage but Lord Hokage restrained Hisako for her own protection and Hisako quickly became useless. When Lord Hokage was dealt the fatal blow, Hisako was released and when she went to try to kill Orochimaru to finish what Lord Hokage started, Kidomaru intervened when the barrier dropped and stabbed her through the heart.

    Hisako was announced dead until by some miracle, when Neji found out of her death, and was mourning over her body, she was brought back to life.

    Hisako spent the next few months in constant pain from her injury and was forced to take time off with Lee. She had a few adventures during this time, and tried to not allow her injury to get the better of her. Hisako began to also see changes in Neji, they were subtle at first, but she noticed that he was nicer to Lee, even nicer to her. He was gentle with Hisako, and was careful with her because of the injury. He even seemed lighter in spirit, and happier, and Hisako was excited to see the changes.

    When Lady Tsunade came to the village, she immediately began developing a procedure to heal Hisako to save her life. But before they could go through with the procedure, Sasuke and Hisako were approached by Orochimaru’s men. That night, when Sasuke was going to go join Orochimaru, Hisako approached him and begged him to not join Orochimaru, to stay in the village with her.

    Against Hisako’s will, because Sasuke wanted to keep Hisako close to him so he could protect her, he knocked her unconscious and she became a hostage.

    During the rescue mission, it was Neji’s plan that saved Hisako from Orochimaru’s men and when she regained consciousness, despite her injuries, she aided Neji in defeating Kidomaru. But it still was not without physical consequences. But, even with her own injuries, she used what medical ninjutsu she knew to stabilize Neji until they could both get medical attention.

    While back at the village, while Neji was in the operating room, Hisako confronted a distraught Shikamaru, and thanked him for leading the team that saved her and tried to convince him that his mission, was not a failure. When she was walking away from thanking Shikamaru, Hisako’s heart gave out and she had to immediately be operated on to save her life.

    The next few months to recovery were difficult and grueling, but with the support of Neji, she was able to recover physically, but her emotional wounds from Sasuke leaving the Leaf Village went deeper than any other wound and was something that she had to fight with.

    About a year later, Hisako became a Chuunin with Neji, and she also met her older brother Ike Uchiha for the first time. By this point, Ike was a rogue ninja and so they kept their friendship a secret until the Akatsuki approached Hisako one day with the intention of killing her. Ike intervened, and with Hisako’s influence, Ike’s charges were dropped and he was allowed back into the village.

    Hisako enjoys Ike’s presence, and she was grateful that she had another member of her family to turn to. She didn’t mind Ike’s protective streak and they worked together to figure out why she was a target for the Akatsuki. Together, Ike and Hisako found out that one of their Kekkei Genkai’s from the Fuyu Clan included the ability to control chakra beasts, and potentially even the tailed beasts themselves.

    This gave them a time to bond as they worked together to figure out their Kekkei Genkai so they could become stronger together.
    All the while, Neji and Hisako continued to build their relationship, and romance started budding between them. But, because of their duty to being a shinobi, they kept their relationship a secret from others.

    Hisako and Neji also become Jonin together when Hisako turned 15. Sidenote: During Hisako’s timeline, when the battle with the Ten Tails takes place, and Neji is supposed to die, Hisako steps in at the last minute, and by using her families jutsus and kekkei genkai, she takes the attack that is supposed to kill Neji. She barely lives by having the combination of jutsus she was able to use save her life, but right before she falls unconscious, she tells the three that even if she were to die, she was happy because she was finally strong enough to protect the people she loved..

    Her and Neji take it easy after that, and decide to concentrate on healing Hisako’s wounds. They finally make their relationship official when Neji proposes to her. After the war, Hisako decides to instead of following the path of becoming the next Hyogakage if the Glacier Village is ever founded again, she uses her skills to become the first Ambassador and takes on the responsibility of keeping peace between all of the villages. She attends meetings, and helps build treaties, and tries her best to stop petty battles and skirmishes with words and diplomatic approaches.

    Her and Neji eventually have a family and become proud parents of four strong shinobi.
    Full Name Hisako Fuyu Uchiha
    Pronunciation (Self explanatory)
    Nickname/Alias Hisa
    Meaning Fuyu means Winter
    Origin A friend recommended Hisako
    Title Childhood: Academy Student preteen: Genin Teenager: Chuunin, and Jonin at 15 After the War: Ambassador, Fuyu Clan Leader
    Pet Name Love (said by Neji).
    Gender Female
    Orientation Straight
    Real Age Depends on storyline
    Birthday March 16
    Birthplace Glacier Village, Hyogakure
    Zodiac Sign Pisces
    Species Human
    Ethnicity Asian
    Preferred Hand Right
    Facial Type Round
    Eye Color Green
    Hair Color Dark Brown
    Hairstyle Long with layers
    Skin Tone light tan
    Complexion Clear
    Makeup Purple nail polish, purple eye shadow
    Body Type Small, with lean muscle. Perfect hour glass figure
    Height 5'6"
    Weight 115LBS
    Birthmarks/scars Mulitple scars on her body from life as a shinobi, a scar over her heart
    Health Fairly healthy. Her heart is a little weak from an inury when she was 12, and she doesn't train as hard as she would have after the war due to a severe injury she suffered to save Neji's life
    Energy Despite her injuries, she has a high level of energy
    Memory And has an incredible memory.
    Phobias She's afraid of losing her loved ones, and she's also afraid of chakra beasts and tailed beasts although she always puts her fears aside to complete her missions.
    Status: Married
    Whom: Neji Hyuga
    Dated: 00/00/0000
    Engaged: 00/00/0000
    Married: 00/00/0000

    Comments: Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here.

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    𝙎𝙥𝙞𝙩 🔥

    May 13th 2023 - 11:33 PM

    what am i uspposed to put here??🔥 Eyy~ thanks for the add friend-o. Call me Toga, short for Togamura. Eezy peezy yeah? Everything you need to know about me is on my profile in its simplistic/boring presentation, I'm very stoked to write this muse of mine. Not new to me (but first time since Myspace was a thing). Let's ignore that, so anyhoo, I have plenty of ideas and plots I'd love to discuss or leave msytery. You can expect multi-para from me, I enjoy dark twists and the more drama and cool stuff you wanna add makes me a happy gal. :)
    Pleasure to meet you! Hope we talk soon~ 🔥

    Cursed Destiny
    Cursed Destiny

    May 14th 2023 - 4:48 PM

    Hi! It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Hisako. I read through your bio and I also heard you have some ideas for a storyline? I would love to hear whatever ideas you have. 
    ꜱᴄᴀʟᴇᴅ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛʏ

    May 12th 2023 - 10:07 AM

    Sure thing! i'll send it in messages.
    ꜱᴄᴀʟᴇᴅ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛʏ

    May 9th 2023 - 2:42 PM

    Of course thats where i write too. I;m a bit rusty 
    ꜱᴄᴀʟᴇᴅ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛʏ

    May 7th 2023 - 6:35 PM

    Of couse, that sounds like a good idea!
    ꜱᴄᴀʟᴇᴅ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛʏ

    May 7th 2023 - 1:05 AM

    Of course, Lets see where to start oh yes.

    Olympia has been on her own since she was 13 she didn't like what her father had become
    She hated to what he did to sasuke and she never met her mother, though she posses snake summoning
    but she is also fluent in water jutsu. She strives to make her own name in the world nd not be feared or treated 
    like a villian. she has black hair and blue eyes and scaled skin (some parts). She is an adult now and just wants to show everyone not all snakes are bad.
    ꜱᴄᴀʟᴇᴅ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛʏ

    May 7th 2023 - 12:55 AM

    I am alright, doing the best I can being a villians daughter and all.
    ꜱᴄᴀʟᴇᴅ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛʏ

    May 6th 2023 - 2:01 PM

    Pleasure is all mine. It's nice to meet you !
    How are you doing today?
    ꜱᴄᴀʟᴇᴅ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛʏ

    May 6th 2023 - 1:33 PM

    Hello, Hi,!
    The name is Olympia, nice to meet ya!
    Daughter of Lord  Orochimaru. don't be frightened.
    Hope we can become good friends!

    I look forward to getting to kow you !
    until we meet again.

    Sep 10th 2021 - 3:29 PM

    I am no good with greetings, so i am sorry that this is a simple copy and paste. But I want to make sure to reach out to everyone in the hopes of getting some epic stories going. So here it goes my best.

    Thanks for the intest in wishing to write with me.
    I am looking forward to writing and building lasting bonds on this site.
    I am ready to discuss at any time. Of course chatting is also something I am willing to do.
    Either way, I look forward to what may come in the future and hope to hear from you.
    Thanks for your time and hope that you have a great day.
    氷遁 The Savage Frozen Wolf 氷遁

    Jun 9th 2020 - 12:53 AM

    Sure, we can discuss a story hun. And I hope we do become friends and I hope you join the second server for it's a story base Naruto server.
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