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Characters: Pocket Monsters Null & Silvally, Chimera
Verses: Poke'mon world, FMA, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bleach, RE, InuYasha, Pandora Hearts, Open to Most!
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Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Horror, Psychological, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense,
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About me:

If you're looking for a happy storybook ending, you won't find one here. This is a tale of depravity and sin. The jealousy of another's accomplishment. Humankind's craving for power. The avarice of wanting repute or material gain. The passionate desire to claim, to be in control. The fulfillment of pride when playing the hand of God. The indolence in ignoring the costly price of their actions. And the ultimate fury, unleashed by their own creation. Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, and Wrath. This is the story of an artificial life made legend.

||Where It All Began||

Across a vast sea, there exists an archipelago made up of five islands in total. Four are natural, while the fifth is located below the other isles, and is to be the main focal point where the major event went down. It is in fact an artificial island, a large floating structure called Aether Paradise. As its name suggests, it is run by an organization known as the Aether Foundation, who created the facility as a base for their research. From the outside, it is believed that the foundation works to aid and protect wild Pokemon who've been harmed or mistreated, and includes a Conservatory area as well as a jamming signal that prevents the capture of these rehabilitating creatures. Tours are often offered to trial-goers/Trainers.

Under that benevolent exterior, though, there once hid the darkness of a wicked conspiracy that to this day has yet to be washed clean. A private sub-level that was off-limits to tourists and regular personnel. It consisted of two laboratories. Lab A was home to secret files about Type: Null, while Lab B contained information of mysterious creatures termed as Ultra Beasts. They originate from Ultra Space, a spatial realm that links to a number of different universes and dimensions through a phenomena known as an Ultra Wormhole. The wormholes are infrequent and usually not expected for either the Ultra Beasts or the residents of the dimension it connects to. This causes the Ultra Beasts to be confused and combative as they search for a way back home. It was because of these extra-dimensional beings that Type:Null was created.

||The Project Preparation||

In order to deal with the increase in Ultra Wormholes and the angered Ultra Beasts emerging from them, a few of the higher-ups in Aether took steps in preventative measures. Since most pokeballs have difficulty recognizing the Ultra Beasts as Pokemon, a new type of pokeball needed to be invented. Building off the work of a predecessor, Branch Chief Faba engineered the Beast Ball, a capsule with a higher catch rate against the Ultra Beasts. But it wasn't enough. Not only with Alola's guardian deities, the Tapus, at times appearing to confront the extraterrestrials, or even a special UB task force of select humans who try to either safeguard or destroy the Ultra Beasts. More needed to be done, and that was when Aether made its first big mistake.

The decision was made to embark on a new development, the BK Project, to create a Pokemon capable of fighting the Ultra Beasts on an equal if not greater footing. There were to be three Type: Full model series, each meant to be an Anti-UB Fighting life-form, codenamed Beast Killer. The technology from years of experimentation were applied to their design. Blueprints showing how the cells of every known Pokemon type was used in their genetic modeling, to give them the ability to shift between types by holding a corresponding memory disc. This idea was inspired by myths researched at Canalave Library, in regards to the life plates of Arceus that allow it to also change its type. It also paid homage in the name given to its Type change program and signature Ability: The RKS System. Its transplantation, however, did not go according to plan..

||Type: NULL||

Serial number 01 and serial number 02 of Type: Full were initialized, and their RKS System were activated during separate tests. Both experienced defects and underwent rejection of their programming, and shortly thereafter went completely berserk before they were subdued. The third lasted longer, and went through additional trial-and-error, but eventually it too rejected and rampaged, killing several who were on scene at the time. Once restrained like the two before, each was given a limiter helmet to lessen the effects of the RKS System, and ordered to be put into permanent cryogenic stasis. The Beast-Killer project was deemed a failure, and their names were changed from Type: Full to Type: Null.

The three models were supposed to be frozen for all eternity. But as fate would have it, a young boy named Gladion found out about the terminated project. He was able to free serial number 01 from its containment, and took it with him when leaving from Aether Paradise. Sources next lead to the belief that he acquired serial number 02, in order to pass it on to a Trainer befitting, though the second Type: Null could very well be loose in the wilderness beyond Alolan shores. As for the final chimera, serial number 03, there was no retrieval. He was kept cryogenically frozen, and for good reason. His was a special case. The brutality displayed when he attacked the scientists on standby was so savage, that his cell was placed in a deeper unit of cold storage.

||The Jailbreak||

It was later discovered that a member of Team Skull was tasked with "stealing" all of this particular chimera's memory discs, and scattering them throughout the regions. In the hopes that the beast-killer would never again reclaim his full arsenal of type discs. It was almost as if they feared their creation somehow breaking out, which he did when the facility went through a temporary power outage during an attack by a Necrozma. The Type: Null's first act had been to immediately smash the control mask that'd been fitted over his head, before escaping the floating structure and swimming to the island of Akala. The synthetic's whereabouts are currently unknown, but cold logic dictates that he is out there, not only hunting down the Ultra Beasts he was programmed to destroy, but to also recover the missing memories for the unstable RKS System.

**[Working On]**

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Monster You Created

Mar 5th 2022 - 7:37 AM

The Monster You Created

Wanna know a secret? Silco thinks he made Jinx, with all his rants and his hard-won lessons. “Excise your doubts, Jinx. Be what they fear, Jinx.” Like everything was the same as when Vander left him. But he didn’t make the Jinx. You did.
I’m not very good at greetings so this might turn out awkward in a sense or even generic. Trust me I write better roleplaying then I am trying to make an ice breaker post for someone stranger. Anyways, thanks for accepting my friend request. My character’s name is Jinx from the League of Legend verse. However -- make no mistake – I’m heavily inspired by cross overs and if a roleplay ends up being one for my character to build upon, I will even include it in my recent history of the character. My Jinx is an AU, heavily dark roleplay, even gruesome at times if the situation calls for it. So, if you have trigger moments it’s best to tell me now during the planning phase of the discussion before we were to get into writing together. I’m not picky as far as roleplay length so long as it’s at least a full paragraph. But expect me to write more than that. Anyways, I look forward to hearing back from you so we can get something discussed.

Sep 4th 2021 - 12:08 PM

//OOC: Mass sending of a message here. Trying to come back form a hiatus. Gods I miss writing. So Im going through my friends and sending you all the same fuggin message. Lets get soemthing started. Or chat or something. Im down to just send or recieve a random starter. Lets see where this can go hm? Not really the time for a new story? Cool we cna chat or I can f*** off! lol either way. I do also have discord. Feel free to ask about it. Im also trying to revive an old server of mine thats currently like a small book club of sorts. if you love books and readng, than its just a comforable place to chat and nerd out.~

Oct 12th 2018 - 7:52 PM

Hello and thank you for accepting or sending the request my way. It was greatly appreciated! In any case if you don't know who I am, well i'm Amber Fuji.. Or as the scientist's once named me Ambertwo. Its a pleasure to meet you and I would be honored to get something started with you~! Whether it be about a connection, or even a story line discussion. I'm up for either one really. I do apologize for any slowness with my replies, since I do have a 40 hour job and such. But other than that, I do try to answer all my replies as soon as I possibly can! Well I believe that's enough.. I do look forward to hearing from you soon!

You should be happy. You're alive & life is wonderful

Apr 21st 2018 - 3:30 PM

ALOLA--- Sounds pretty awesome then! Akala Island and some great opportunity to build a new connection sounds good to me. I'll work-up a starter once I get a little bit of a gaming fix out of my system. Lusa-dear helped me pick a new game and her choice was spot on my alley. I'mBorderlineAddictedRightNow. But I should definitely have it worked on sometime around Monday. Tomorrow's my grandfather's birthday and I'm just catching up on comments / discussions today.

Apr 17th 2018 - 9:07 AM

ALOLA--- Haha, don't worry about being excited Cousin! After all it's pretty great to see there's a lot more opportunity for me to write this time around. Got pretty disheartened the last time since most everyone only added me to stay on Gladdy's good side; not many people actually wanted to write with a Sun. So needed to make like a Tapu Koko and split til I could get back into it mentally. 

Oh yeah, I'm all about have a climatic and tense situation regarding their travels and friendship! It helps a little that Sun is stronger than the average human, and his battle / compassionate instincts are deeper than most realize. However, even then he'll have to keep his wits about him trying to help guide Drei through to the Light. Of course there will be close calls. Dangers and moments of high impact feels...but that's what a good story is all about! And if he's ever in a true pinch he's definitely got the rest of his pokepals to help keep Drei in line. Invictus (Decidueye) and Solgaleo definitely. Oh? Sorry to hear that on the Plum though. But hey working out on Sun having obtained the poison disk already just means we can put the basis of our story into action sooner rather than later.

Is there a particular timing or island you'd be interested in seeing work for the story?

Apr 15th 2018 - 11:44 PM


I'm actually really honored you think it'd be a good run writing with me! Thanks, Silly. I appreciate it.
That said I've gone through your blogs and your Q&A's. I think we could fit things for a story in a variety of ways.
Maybe instead of being introduced to Subject 02 (which could be in this case given to Hau ), the emergence of Drei
prompted Wicke to seek Sun's help in trying to reach out to the Silvally before another disaster happened.
Given his strength individually (per my headcanons and past rps) and his team, I can see it being a logical call.

That said given that Sun's physiology basically radiates Wormhole energy at this point, he'd essentially be live bait
to make Drei appear on its instincts. Which would remain on a mixture of having to wear him down through combat,
and teach him to grow into a pokemon that can trust and gain control of itself even knowing the risks searching for RKS system.
I'd wager from what I read that Sun may already have the Poison Disc considering his many run-ins fighting Plum-Sis.
Could set this initially after he back a champion or even few years later.

Apr 15th 2018 - 9:02 PM

ALOLA---Hey there, Silly! Heard it's shakin' like an Earthquake over here? Mad props for keepin' it styling while I've been away. So let's make like a quick attack and strike at some Malasadas, and catch-up on things buddy! After all I can't wait to hit the trail again to see what this world's got to offer. Care to join me? That's if Gladdy lets ya.

Apr 14th 2018 - 11:18 AM


! The Umbran Imp stared at the other, debauchery within his eyes.  A point.

" ... "


Thank you so much for adding me! I'm new to the Pokemon verse, and i hope to adept to your liking! Feel free to send any chats, starters, and discussion to me. Can't wait to hear  from you! 

Mar 17th 2018 - 10:53 AM

~ ~ N E W C O M E R ~ ~

'Ello , and greetings! My name is Corsaire Ardent, and as you can see, I'm a Pokemon Trainer! Though, it's been a while since my short hiatus, I'm willing to back into the shape of things! Thank you for allowing me on your friend's list, it warms the heart. I can't to start a collaboration of sorts, or if you just want to chat, that's just fine as well! 

I hope to here from you soon!`

- C. A

Mar 5th 2018 - 9:19 AM

OCC : hello there... first i need apologies to you i late approve friends.. it's really pleasure to meet you. i hope we can become great friends.
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