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Characters: Yasune Suzuki
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About me:
  • ooc: Call me Melon
  • dISCORD: Just Ask
  • Age: 25 in rl. A babu
  • Limits: No limits Rp wise Aside from Scat, and Vore. That shit hit different. But I will clap yo cheeks on status stream for shits, and giggles.

NAME Uchiha,Yasune
Peddler Of Souls
Molten Lotus
Ambitious Chameleon
CLAN Uchiha|Suzuki
AGE 19-26[Assumed]
WEIGHT 63.5kg[140 lbs]
SPECIES Human Being
OCCUPATION Peddler/Medical-Ninja

Home Land: Land Of Screams


3/5 C
2/5 D
3/5 C
4/5 B
1/5 F

Yasune doesn't have the eternal, nor the mangekyou Sharingan. This fact will stay true even in his modern era version.

? Peer Into Him

As a shinobi that wasn't trained traditionally, yasune doesn't possess any of their basic foundations. picked up, and then trained by a wandering medical ninja of unknown origin he learned of both his own power as a Uchiha, but has never managed to tame his Sharingan. In place of this flaw, he was put through rigorous training sessions on actual fields of battle from an early age. cycling through healing others, and protecting himself even in the most desperate of times. His lava-style techniques were pushed to the brink through rigorous battles where he was forced to develop a number of jutsu that could both mend his flesh and rebel foes all at once.

It was there that his odd obsession with the wondrous weapons that slashed him and the art of healing them truly bloomed. With the goal of selling these techniques to the world he has thrown in his lot with the Organization Red River for the purpose of funneling drugs and testing any number of concoction they may have on citizens of villages for this very purpose. Posing as a humble melon seller to do so. Yet he always craved to do something more.

Which may be why he set his sights on Kiri, and the Seven Ninja Swordsman. Or more accurately the blades they wielded. Looking not to snag them for his own, but create a set to rival each. With that in mind he always has his eye out for any blade that could stir the same passion within him as they.


Yasune, Peddler Of Souls, The Molten Lotus. He is a man of many names, but many don't seem to understand just how he was able to receive them. Fore, unlike most Uchiha he has never bothered to enter into any form of the academy, nor did he even grow up in the Land Of Fire like most of his Kin. As a native to the Land Of Screams, he grew up in a small country that consisted of several tribes fighting for what little resources were found around them. While his mother, a member of these tribes, was a Seeker. A rank that served to mirror that of shinobi in more traditional structures. During one of the small battles with their rivals, she was wounded and was saved by a man calling himself Issei. A reserved, and particularly shallow man that didn't bother hiding boasts about his strength. Though in reality he was usually all bluff, and barely held his own in battle.

The man was practically a jester in the eyes of everyone from the tribes, and yet Suzuki Himari didn't mind. She found that fool amusing at first, and then attractive as they spent time together. Yet she felt that there was more to him than meets the eye. Either way, Yasune was born shortly after, and the two were married in some sense. It all was going well until the past of Issei caught up to him. While the man was surely a fool, all bluff, and bluster he hadn't always been that way. Uchiha Issei was once a ruthless leader, heading a band of thieves who were less than excited to see that their treasure was stolen from them. Why? Apparently Issei just couldn't stomach the life anymore. He grew tired of killing others for profit and wanted something new for himself. So he fled with a treasured weapon of those that once called him a comrade in tow.

They'd searched for him ever since, and despite finding him now Issei refused to fight his fate. They were always better than him in combat, and he tended to stray away from getting his hands too dirty. So he didn't bother to fight or struggle. Though he did refuse to give up the treasure they sought. It was hidden, and only those that shared his blood were able to find it. Yasune was the key, and lucky for him the boy favored his mother in appearance. Despite this they were both nearby at this time, she was never one to go down without a fight. She died first of course, and then Issei shortly after. That day he awoke to the Sharingan, unaware of its purpose, and power. Merely 3 years old at the time the youth hid under a loose floorboard in his family home and stayed there for nearly 10 days before coming out. By then his foes were gone, his home trashed, and the sacred treasure they craved still hidden in plain sight.

Yep. They were so busy trashing obvious hiding spots that they didn't bother looking for something simple. Though just as his father said a Sharingan was necessary to locate it if you didn't know it was there. Hanging on the wall had been a Kusarigama of seemingly normal origins. However, it was both crafted, and enchanted with seals that allowed it to reap the talent/skills out of one person before then placing them in another. It was a Miraculous treasure that eventually earned him the name "Peddler Of Souls". Beyond struggling with the woes of his deceased parents Yasune trained himself in skills that were less traditional than what modern shinobi practice. Of course, those skills aided him in a sense, but eventually, he did have to find a teacher. One that allowed him to awaken to his hidden skills. Such as his talent for medical ninjutsu, and the Kekkei Genkai Lava Release that the tribes of his homeland were once able to utilize.

It was often described in legends, but they were simply viewed as that for quite a long time. Without the knowledge of Chakra they soon enough became fading existences as less, and less of the generations to come believed in their existence. The Teacher Yasune found was a member of the tribes who had left, and returned after many trips for the sake of knowledge. As a result his tribe now rules over the rest, and a stable power structure has arisen. Though Yasune never learned his name, though under his tutelage he managed to gain an insight into the basis of Yang Release. Though he was never able to actually grasp it even after he was sent out to explore the world at 19. Taking on the Guise of a Peddler he traveled the world in hopes of unraveling its deepest secrets. Trusting few, and loving even fewer he aims to piece together a semblance of a good life that is bound by intrigue. Even if that meant cracking a few skulls, or breaking more hearts than he could possibly bear.

? Trivia

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bxd kunoichi.

Nov 8th 2023 - 8:51 PM

There's a hot spring rp going on, join it!
† 野原凛 」

Oct 2nd 2023 - 10:44 PM

Lost Chunin 

Rin Nohara
A greeting to get the ball rolling!

Rin Nohara here,
yes - from the original Team 7.

new to verse, not new to Naruto.

It's been a while so I'm still a bit rusty,
but I would love to get something going with you!

Open to explore all kinds of ideas!

Hope to hear from you!
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