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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 28
Country: Netherlands

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February 07, 2022


06/21/2022 04:48 PM 

Evolving Eevee

ria’s first Pokémon had been the Eevee she hatched from an egg - the egg had come from her parents’ Vaporeon and Leafeon. This had been when she was ten years old.

By the time she was fifteen, her Eevee was itching to evolve. Aria wasn’t entirely certain what to evolve her into, however. Her parents never said it, but it was obvious to Aria they expected either a Leafeon or a Vaporeon like them, since this would help with the business. Either of those would do well with helping out the flowers. Aria also wanted to take Eevee’s thoughts into account, and with so many options, she had a hard time choosing.

At that point Aria already had a Lilligant and her Comfey. She thought a Vaporeon would go with them best and, after asking Eevee what she thought, she choose that option.

Since Vaporeon enjoyed water, Aria took up swimming more often, becoming better at it than she had been. All so they could spend the time in the water together. Other times they’d play with her other Pokémon who’d enjoy Vaporeon’s bubbles floating through the air.

All in all, she never regretted her choice.


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