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Akio Sakamoto (Bleach Captain)

Akio grew up in the House of Sakamoto as the daughter of the leader of the respected family she was raised to take over the family one day being the eldest her brother Takeshi was next in line when she stepped down. She excelled in martial arts her parents already saw great promise in their daughter at an early age. Her parents felt very honored when. she decided when she was old enough she wanted to go to Shio Academy to go through what other people went through to become shinigami and higher. She was stronger and more of a challenge than a lot in her class before she graduated she had already learned her sword's name and was achieving her Banki. She was brought in as captain of the 3rd squad a lot of people thought she was placed as captain cause she was like royalty no one could believe she was that strong she didn't look like she was and her background didn't show she was that tough. From then on she had to prove herself not just to her squad but to the other captains. Her zanpakuto is HenkĊ it gives her the ability to equip any weapon in her arsenal it could be a sword, axe, lance or staff this makes her a very unpredictable you never know what she might use or what she might wear since she also has the ability to change her attire as well.

12/03/2019 08:50 PM 

Maya's story (Mutant)

Late night when Maya was born it was a normal birth just like any other but she and her parents weren't normal everyday people. They were what the people of the city called mutants the castaways the ones no one ever knew how they came about they were just plainly born different than the rest. Mutants tried to live amongst humans to have a normal life to raise their kids and do things like normal people did. But once everyone knew what they were they would either be shone or even killed. Maya's family tried to live as normal as they could in the city they finally found that no one knew them that was until Ashley Maya's mother got pregnant. When it was time for her to give birth they didn't have any choice but to go to a regular hospital risking them finding out they were "different".Maya's birth was different alright for once she was born the doctor seem to look down at the baby that seems to glow autumn red and she seemed to lift in the air slightly that made the doctor almost drop her as Maya's father Matthew came over and quickly took the baby from the doctor. The doctor immediately pressed a button and an alarm went off which woke Ashley up and she automatically knew what had happened. Matthew was a telepathic and Ashley was a firestarter which explained how the doctor ended up flying across the room as Matthew held on to the baby and tried to help his wife up from the bed. Ashley held her baby as she and Matthew tried to escape but the security tried to stop them. As Ashley and Matthew tried to fight their way from the hospital it began to upset Maya as she cried out and the whole floor of the hospital went up in a blaze. After the fire department arrived some people lived some didn't but no one could find Maya parents in the rumble but someone did find Maya she was in some kind of red glowing sphere in one of the rooms. An older nurse saw her and picked her up she was a healer that secretly worked at the hospital she slowly walked from the hospital and took the baby in as her own. 

Years had passed Maya now being in her 20's she was now a beautiful young lady now taking care of her adopted mother April who had retired from the hospital. Maya had been told when she old enough about her parents and April wasn't sure if they were still alive or not from the blast at the hospital but she knew what they looked like and their powers. It was then when Maya found out she was "different" it started in school when she saw she could lift things and she accidentally put somethings on fire. She learned that April was different too when she saw her heal her when she fell and hurt herself. But from that day on although she loved April for taking care of her she wanted to find her real parents if they were still alive. In the meantime Maya took on a job at a bookstore to help pay the bills she tried not to be around too many people like April told her but she was curious of the world she wanted to go out like everyone else her age. But she knew it was a risk especially since she was still learning the extends of her powers.

11/26/2019 05:59 PM 


Rules: 1. Please if I add you be the first to talk if you add me I will speak first
       2. I will not add any mutes or counts if you haven't greeted me or given me any kind of notice and days pass you will be removed.

       3. Please have some kind of idea what kind of plot or what you would like to do for a story I will not think it up for you we can discuss it together. 
       4. If we do any er*t*c rps it must be if it comes to that in the story, I will not just do er*t*c all the time it gets boring and I find so many people wanting to just add just to do get it on stories im not here for that im here for serious stories and if more happens it will happen like a slow burn it is so much better when it happens the natural way.
Other than that have fun! :)

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Ayana's Story (Nine tail kitsune fox)

In the feudal era, it was a simpler time at least it was for Ayana and the other creatures that roamed the earth they never involved themselves in the wars and affairs of the humans. She spends her time at the large shrine and temple she was protecting far up on the mountain and below was the human villages and towns. People would come to visit the shrine but she didn't like them staying too long her presence was like being out on the coldest night her name was none to be the spirit of the ice woman but no one would actually see her. Her favorite time was when the cherry blossoms came out of hiding just to walk around and look at the trees and how the winds blew the petals in the sky. Yes, life was pretty pleasant for her it was like she didn't have a care in the world.

But all of that changed when the humans felt like they needed to rid the temple and shrine of the spirit that occupied it. She was caught totally off guard one day by a very powerful exorcist they wanted to seal her away so the temple and shrine could be safe for everyone to visit. She fought hard and strong against the male but he was just too much for her and finally, he locked her away in a large crystal and place under the temple with a seal to keep her trapped. Many years passed people lived their lives and died several centuries have gone by. The place that was left up in the mountain was still there and was in pretty good condition and people still came to enjoy the temple and the shrine there were stories of the snow woman but people thought she was just a myth. But what they didn't know was the place that was her resting place was found by some curious teenagers they had ventured further into the temple where no one had been in centuries. They saw the large crystal in the middle of the room and they seemed to see that someone was inside they touched the seal and suddenly there was a bright light that blinded the three then the crystal began to break and once it did pieces of the crystal flew everywhere and the teens ran for the life. It was a good thing they did leave the room it was covered in ice and it looked like it was snowing. Ayana laying out on the floor slowly regaining consciousness and opening her emerald eyes she looked around. At first, she didn't know where she was until she began to stand her legs felt like noodles as she tried to walk she was under the only home she knew as she began to remember how she had got there. She continued on until she was upstairs everything looked the same but somewhat not as new as she remembered. Once she got outside it was then she saw everything she had known had changed this wasn't the land she remembered. 

11/26/2019 05:37 PM 

Sapphire's Story (Alpha Werewolf)

Late one joyous night Sapphire was born to the Alpha Jason and his mate Angela and they presented her to their pack the next morning she was strong and healthy the new princess of the tribe. The two new parents had great hopes for their beautiful daughter once she was able to walk and talk she was already learning the ways of being a wolf but it wasn't until she of age that she was able to shift into her wolf form a beautiful white wolf with eyes as blue as the brightest sky. She was then able to train to hunt and fight which she did with others her age she was pretty good at it too. She was the fastest and hunted the best she still had some learning to do when it came to fighting but she was determined to be good at that as well. Once she was in her 20s she was a beautiful woman shapely body long dark hair she was admired by many for her strength and looks. But some especially the males of the pack didn't think her becoming an Alpha would be a good idea since Alphas where always males. Her father had listened to his people but he felt she would do just fine but he knew she would have trouble with the pack once he stepped down one day. Sapphire did her best to prove to everyone that she would make a great Alpha but many had their own sons that they thought would be better. Sapphire wasn't sure what else she could do she had to do something to convince the people of their pack that she was worthy of taking care of the pack when the time came.

11/26/2019 05:34 PM 

Isabella's Story (Vampire Queen)

Under the moonlight that shined down on the balcony of the large castle stood the lovely Queen Isabella as she glanced out over the large lands below where the different humans lived. She ruled over them along with her loyal vampire community that lived within the castle walls. Isabella was one of the last descendants of royalty in her family she had a brother Maximus who didn't want anything to do with responsibility so he let her take the reigns when their parents died. The vampires kept the humans alive simply for food in exchange they could live their lives as normal. Isabella felt quite accomplished with herself making things a lot better than her parents did. Yes, they did have some humans that would try to fight them. But they never had enough to win. Isabella smiled wide as she looked over the many houses lights as the night took over the sky. She enjoyed the night sky as it blew through her long blonde hair wearing a red and black gown she padded back inside her bedroom being barefoot and relax it felt good to be Queen she thought.

(Months before her reign)

Born to Vampire King Matthew and Queen Serena Isabella was born having an older brother Maximus she grew up not really knowing him since he was always being prepped to be the next King of vampires as time passed her brother began to slack on his responsibilities and disappoint his parents they began to think he wasn't going to be ready to take over the throne and began to prep his sister instead. This all leads to her brother suddenly leaving the kingdom and Isabella became the next in line to take the throne. Which made her parents very protective of her and had her followed and escorted everywhere she went in fear of her being assassinated or kidnapped. Suddenly the kingdom was ambushed by werewolves her Father lead the army out to war but the Alpha of wolves showed up at the castle and the Queen was left trying to defend her daughter Isabella was slashed in her back by the large Alpha when he went to finish her off her Mother jumped in front of her and took the hit Isabella was was traumatized and her Father came back and was just as upset he eventually died of a broken heart and left Isabella being crowned the new Queen over all vampires.

Several months have passed since Isabella had taken over the throne she had no choice but to jump right into the duties she needed to take care of taking over what her parents started. And that's what she did she first started with having the castle repaired that of course needed to happen after they had not long ago buried her parents and the other people that risk their lives to try to protect the kingdom. The days after were pretty quiet people were in the castle but not much was said people since mourned Isabella needed to mourn as well but she never had a time getting people on fixing the front gate and then several fountains and statues around the castle. And then there damage inside some of the rooms her parent's room was destroyed and other places in the castle had to be repaired. After time passed the work was done Sapphire even had her own room redone made it bigger and more suitable for a Queen. She had her parents room made into their final resting place both their bodies were inside with two wonderfully made coffins both black with candles in the background that would light up when anyone came into the room. Anyone was able to visit them but Isabella was the only one that could go any closer to them which she did once and while and that's when she mourned.

After the castle and the grounds were finally fixed and finished she was able to work on making her own royal council she picked amongst the best and strongest to work with and that would be the most loyal to her. Isabella made sure to have more guards around in the inside and outside of the castle just in case they were ambushed again she wanted everyone ready this time they couldn't afford another attack. As the word of the king and queen demise got around different ones from the other kingdoms that she ruled over came to her to make sure the main kingdom was capable of being ran by just her they believe she should take in a husband she hated they doubt her abilities she had been prepped for this moment all of her life she was ready and she didn't need any man to help her rule her parents legacy she was determined to do it herself. But the different people in the kingdoms still worried because if she didn't take in a husband she wouldn't be able to have any heirs no one would be around if either something happened to her or when she just perished. They were very aware of her brother running away from his responsibilities so Isabella was their only hope if they wanted any kind of future for the Bloodworth's destiny. But this didn't stop Isabella from taking care of her people she even ruled over the humans that lived below the kingdom they had no choice but to "donate" their blood if they wanted to live they tried on different occasions to take her and her people down but they always failed and she would take some to make an example of to scare them into their place she didn't have to worry about them much so she could manage her kingdom as she pleased without any trouble so far. So did get gentlemen, callers, here and there she knew they were sent by other kingdoms but none of them were any good even if she was looking. They were either jerks, they talked about themselves all the time or they were just tyrants which she didn't want for her people so she sent them away. Isabella was doing just fine on her own she didn't need anyone to help her rule over her people she had to do it for her parents and one day when the time came she would avenge them and make the ones pay for taking away the people that she loved.

11/26/2019 05:12 PM 

Lady Cassandra's story (Dark Elf)

Her past was a mystery Cassandra Darkstone no one knew where she came from or who her people were she was found one day at the age of 10 by Angela Malthrone a blood elf seeing the young dark elf as she traveled back to her own land Cassandra looked like she hadn't eaten for days maybe even weeks her white hair was dirty and her clothes had been torn and slightly bloody and she wore a collar around her neck indicating that she had escaped from some slave camp Angela knew demons and humans hunted Elves, especially dark ones. Cassandra shivered and looked at Angela she frowned not sure what to expect from the older female she kept her distance but after getting Cassandra to trust her she brought her back with her to her homeland Serus. Once they entered the grounds of the blood elves tribe Cassandra found out that Angela's husband was King Logan he was a tyrant of a leader and he didn't want Cassandra there amongst his people but his wife insisted they didn't have kids so Angela wanted to take Cassandra in as a daughter the king and the rest of the tribe didn't like it she was strange to them even the ones her age didn't want to have anything to do with her. But as time went by she had to prove herself not just as an elf but as the tribe's princess she was taught how to fight by her now Mother and mentor and their people wielded magic, as well as Cassandra, learned about magic she learned that she had magic of her own but it was dark magic which worried the blood elves especially the king that gave her hell ever since she got there. Once Cassander got older she was well fed shapely woman her long white hair hung down her back she wore shoulder armor with a hood over her head bra type armor over her breasts and short armor bottoms with long boots her weapon of choice had been a bow she had been amazing in archery along with her dark magic she was able to use mind control and get into the head of a person invading their mind by communicating telepathically, later on, she was known as The Banshee Queen her screams have the power to silence and weaken her enemies. She had become known as a high elf and respected in the tribe her mother was proud of her but her so-called Father the king never accepted her she had to fight her way to where she was trying to prove herself to everyone but no matter what she did he never wanted anything to do with her. He treated her just like any other person under him Cassandra was now captain to the Elf army she had to lead them into battle several times through the years but what she didn't expect was having to encounter people of her own kind one day people had caught sight of them she didn't know them she wondered did they know her. Would she turn on the people that had taken her in? Or would she go against her own kind? 
Her questions were finally answered when the dark elves came to them and they were hit hard some kind of reason the dark elves were bigger in numbers but Cassandra and her army fought back hard some lost their lives she saw several of the dark elves some looked like her and even looked at her wondering why she was with the enemy? She was torn once she returned back but several days later a letter was delivered to the King that demanded Cassandra safe return the dark elf race it was found out that she was the daughter of the king and queen and she was taken away by demons to be traded as a slave and now they wanted her back. 


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