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Old rp

Alisaie was sat on a bench in Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre, brushing her hair in silence. She had been there for the majority of the day looking out towards the stage, she placed her brush down and let out a soft sigh. She put her hands over her face, before she pulled her hair back into her hair tie and got to her feet. She looked around with a hopeful look upon her face, but nothing in interest has caught her eye. Something was obviously bothering, her but she had no idea where to go. In fact she had no clue where the scions were at the time, nor could she get a hold of any of them. Not even her brother. "Must I go on alone, I really could use someone around. But yet I have to face the world once again. I may be independent but this girl could use a bit of company." She thought aloud, before she sat back down and decided to wait on for a little longer.

Several moments later she had heard something, and she looked up and saw something that seemed to be a portal. She got up and walked over to it to take a closer look, before she could react she was sucked in. It felt like an eternity though it only took a few seconds, before she fell flat onto the cold stone floor. She looked up and picked herself up, she looked around to find a few people staring at her.

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