This will be used for starters for different OCs, and different occasions. More to come, please be patient. Only intended if you're wanting to RP but aren't very good with opening. You do not have to choose one if you have a setting in mind.

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04/01/2021 11:47 PM 

Day at the Falls
Current mood:  adventurous

Ari Yoshihara made an exasperated sigh as the three of them walked along the dusty path towards their goal, "why is it so hot today?" Her eyes were squinted, her ears were layed flat against her head and her tail was lowered; almost touching the ground. She glanced behind her, hoping that the tall slender woman would want to stop for a rest, only to see she had no intention of doing so. Ari looked over her other shoulder, to see how their new companion was doing. She stopped dead in her tracks, "where's the fairie?" Her sudden observation caught the woman off-guard, they both begin looking around frantically. Had they lost her from heat stroke somewhere? Had she wondered off? How had they not noticed? 

Out of no where they both heard a scream coming from 6 miles to the east of the path. They gave each other a passing glance as their body's shifted, Ari darted in the direction they heard the screams as the woman spread her wings out and raced off, By the time they got there they found clothes strewn about, a nervous pit grew in their stomachs as they began to form scenarios. "Maybe she made new clothes?" Ari had suggested. "Perhaps someone made off with her and had their way?" Maruga's insensitive inquiry made Ari shift. As they ran through about a dozen other possibilities, they began hearing giggling and splashing. Confusion set in, "what is that?" Ari began hiking through the thick brush of greenery. 

After a few feet they finally came to a small clearing with a huge lake, within the ripples they could see it was stocked with hundreds of different types of fish and frogs. All of a sudden, Mani emerged from the water with a huge grin and giggles so addictive it made Ari smile. The water beads caught the sun causing Mani to appear even more mystical than she already was. The sparkling effects seemed to linger long after she had moved closer to the girls after noticing them.  "Come on Ari," she chirped. "You said you were hot so I found us something to take the heat off." She splashed lightly toward them. 

Ari looked at Maruga with pleading eyes. Rolling her eyes Maruga responded, "five minutes Ari." With that, Ari wasted no time stripping down to her underwear and jumping in. Giggling and splashing with Mani. Ari soaked in the cool, refreshing feeling the water provided. "Has water always felt this amazing?" She asked Mani who had dunked under the water again, Ari giggled knowing she hadn't heard her. She had only known Mani for a few days and she had grown quite attached to her. Distracting her thoughts she turned to Maruga, "why don't you join us Ruggie?" Maruga's eyes darkened, "I thought I told you to never call me that."

12/10/2020 10:42 PM 

Ari Yoshihara Starter

A mysterious woman in all black stepped into the bar, her hood covered her face and her lavender colored tail stood at attention along the middle of her back ending in a curled stance. Her purple and black ears were popped through her hood, twitching as people laughed and slammed their drinks on the table. She appeared to be on a mission, quickly turning her ears to a new sound when the last wasn't what she was searching for. She slowly made her way to the middle of the bar and stood there. Head barely lowered, her hands directly by her sides. Her slender body stood poised, she had caught the attention of almost every man in the bar. 

"HEY!" the bartender barked, "no weapons allowed!" He motioned for his two burley men to grab her. 

Swiftly she lifted her right hand, her palm facing the bar-keep. One by one she lowered her fingers until only two remained upright. "I seek two men." She began in a low, determined growl. "I will refrain from using my weapons," her ears twitched to the right. "However," her ears twitched to the left. "You must allow me safe passage as I grab my bounties." Her index finger was now pointing toward the far right corner. Her head lifted and the bar-keep could see her cold green eyes and sinister grin, her eyes were locked on her target.

"Break anything and you pay for it," he stated nervously. "If you can do it without using your weapons then I don't care what bastard you take."

Upon receiving permission she pounced clear across the bar, the two men who had been cowering in the corner now began to flee. "Let the chase begin," she shouted in excitement. Looking over she found a couple of men eating a pork dinner and drinking some mead. She grabbed the knife, "can I borrow this?" Without waiting for a response she threw the knife at the second target, piercing his left arm and pinning him to the wall near the bar-keep.

"Hey, I said no weapons." He yelled irritated. 

"I said I wouldn't use my weapons," she laughed as she ran toward the entrance. Surprising everyone with her speed as she reached the first man as he clutch the doorknob. Sweat dripping from his brow he jumped back, trying to create a two foot space between them. She wiggled her finger back and forth while she clicked her tongue..

  "You should have known better," she began as she took a step forward. "You two shouldn't have killed that girl." She took another step toward his shaking body. "You two shouldn't have raped her either." Another step, "did you really think you'd get away with it?" Another step, "did you think no one would care about some slut?" Another step, "she had a family!" Another step, "she was a MOTHER!" She roared, her energy changing. The feeling of pure hate filled the room causing unease to pass through everyone, "she was a wife!" She took one last step toward the man that was now on the floor, "death will be all too kind. In fact, if it was up to me I'd make you suffer a fate so harsh you'd wish death would come." She picked him up by the tuft of his shirt, "unfortunately her family only wishes to see you dead."

As she finished she shoved her dagger through his heart, smiling sinisterly as she heard him gurgle and sputter on his own blood. Once his body went limp she threw him out the door, "time for the next one."

Once she finished off the second man she fetched her phone out of her back left pocket on her black jeans. She quickly dialed a number and pulled the phone to her ear. 

"Oh, honey, are you done already?" A man's soothing voice blasted through her speaker.

"Yes, dad." She replied nonchalantly. "This one was very satisfying." 

"OK, sweetie." He paused a moment, "Chizuka says to leave them there. She'll have someone pick them up," another pause. 

"What else does she want?" She had a cold tone in her voice. Rolling her eyes she could only assume it was something stupid.

"Ari, be a dear and go to the forest near Lunear Falls." He paused one last time, "apparently there's something there of great value."

"What is it?" Her curiosity was peaked. It wasn't often she was asked to do a second mission so soon after the first.

"A fairie," tapping noises could be heard along with a giggle. "If rumors are true I want her." 


Ari scoffed as she stared her phone down, 'did he just hang up on me?!' She put the phone back in her pocket. No that had to of been either Aña or Chizuka. Stupid cunts always being rude. A sigh came rushing out of her lips while she shook her head, 'I'm so going to enjoy a nice chocolate sundae and a milk bath when I get home.'

12/10/2020 05:21 PM 

Introduction to Everyone.
Current mood:  content

Ari pulled her arm up, shielding her eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Breathing in the robust smells of the nearby coffee cart, a warmth crept across her face while a smile burst to life on her face. Excited for this adventure she turned to her right, "this is so exciting Maruga!" She squealed, taking Maruga by the arm and shaking it vigorously, "we finally get a day to just relax!"

Maruga looked at Ari with disdain, "sure, but why did she have to come?" She pointed in aggravation at Aña who was glaring at the people passing by them. Maruga returned her attention to Ari who was now jumping on the fountain, her purple cat-like tail following her gracefully. She sighed in defeat, Ari's cheery tunes always made her smile.

"Maruga!" Mani shouted fluttering over with her legs bent underneath her. "Is Ari ok? I've never seen her this excited before." Her soft voice bashfully asked, a deep crimson flooded her left cheek over to her right, as she began twiddling her fingers. 

Maruga smiled, "don't worry Mani." She stated reassuringly. "She gets like this almost all the time," she watched Ari as she gave her insight. Maruga shook her head, sometimes she felt like she was the only adult.

"Don't worry RuRu," Aña hissed her horrible nickname for Maruga. " Her excitement will die down." A laugh crackled from between her lips. Aña truly took pleasure in the misery of others. Rubbing her pretty pink horns in between her index and thumb, she continued glaring at all of the happy people.

Ari bounced back to the group, "what should we do first?" Dancing around the three girls she giggled and twirled. "I think Mani would enjoy the yummy snacks over there!" Pointing at a food cart five feet away,, they all just stared bewildered..

"Ari," Maruga began. "I don't thi~"

"Is that a milk cart?!" Mani exclaimed excitedly interrupting Maruga.

Ari nodded happily, "would you like to go check it out with me?" She purred.

Unable to hide her excitement Mani quickly flew over to the cart, her wings releasing sparkles that landed on the ground causing gorgeous flowers to blossom. That always happened when she got excited.

"Aña, would yo~", Maruga began but was again interrupted by a swift no from Aña. Shrugging, she began walking toward the girls. 

'I wonder why Aña refuses to have fun',​​ Maruga thought to herself as she neared Ari and Mani who were already slurping down a couple of milkshakes. 'If I had more down time maybe I would try to make her smile', she laughed at herself. Since when did she care about other people? Maybe it was from all the time she was forced to spend with Ari, after all she assisted Ari on a lot of her tougher missions.

"Maruga, I got this one for you." Ari announced as she shoved a double chocolate mint milkshake in Maruga's face. 

Maruga smiled and took it, "thank you Ari." Smelling the intoxicating aromas of the chocolate and the mint made it hard not to dig in. Bringing the top of the milkshake towards her face she stuck her tongue out and locked at some of the whipped cream that was swirled on top.

Ari, watching Maruga enjoying her treat made her feel bubbly and happy. 'I wonder if she's really having a good time', she thought to herself. She often worried Maruga didn't enjoy much. 'I'm going to make it my own personal mission to make sure she has a good day today. She's always working so hard, and treated so poorly. I want her to know she is appreciated.' A deep warmth lit her cheeks up as she slurped her milkshake. 

'Why are these mortals so happy?', Aña thought to herself. 'Their lives are so mundane and boring, how can they be as happy as Ari always is?' Watching Ari from a distance, she could feel a build up of hate and resentment growing inside of her. Being a demon made it difficult to understand the simplicity that being human is. Aña always struggled to understand why they smiled, loved or even laughed. 
  She could understand their pain, hate and cries a lot better. That was the language she was more fluent in. In fact, she would much rather be tormenting souls than being here roaming some fair grounds with her annoying half-sister and her friends. However, her father had ordered her to accompany Ari. Hissing profanity toward her father she followed the group as they went from food booths to rides, back to food booths and to game booths. 

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