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06/29/2014 08:42 PM 

Head cannons.

-Riza initially knew Maes before meeting Roy. They were good friends that met through their parents.

-Riza is incredibly maternal, this is due to her mother dying while she was young. She shows this often with how she deals with the Elric brothers.

-Although Riza has high respect for the upper-brass in the military, she is not opposed to a Cous.

-She hates the nickname "Hawks Eye" much like Roy hates the monicker "Hero if Ishval" because of the negative connotations it comes with.

-Riza plays the piano and violin. This is due to her childhood in a wealthy family.

-Riza adores flowers, mostly due to Roy's constant insistance on giving her flowers every year on her birthday and mother's day.

-The Elric brothers always send Riza flowers for mother's day, along with Gracia.

-Riza is a terrible cook.

-Though her family was wealthy for some time, when her mother died, the fortune went elsewhere and her father quit his job to start studying alchemy. This also led to some animosity between her father and her, since she had to become the impromptu caretaker of him and the house.

-Roy and Riza met when she was ten. He was fourteen.

-Grumman is actually Riza's grandfather on her mother's side (word of God), but he's also part Ishvallen, which explains his negativity when Riza mentioned the war.

-Roy is part Xingese, effectively making Riza and Roy, upon marriage, the solution they were looking for to open up the borders of Amestris.

-Though strict at work, Riza is very playful with her children and at home.

-She writes poetry.

-Upon moving in with Roy, it was quite the easy task as she had nothing to her name but a few uniforms, photographs, and books.

-Roy couldn't bring himself to finish burning off the marks on her back. He couldn't bear hurting the woman he loved and admired.

-Riza has always wanted to be in the military, but her father advised her against it.

-She idolizes Audrey Hepburn; her favorite movie is Roman Holiday.

-Not a good singer, she used to sing her children to sleep. Roy thought this was very adorable for her.

-Every year on father's day, Riza visits Maes' grave with Roy.

-After having Zuko, Roy wanted a little girl like Elysia, often feeling envious of Maes.

-Riza is very understanding of all types of people and creatures. Having spent time at war with blood on her hands, she refuses to be that woman again; orders or not.

-After the fall of Father, Riza was offered a promotion to Brigadier General, but she respectfully declined, preferring to be a Colonel for the remainder of her time in the military. She didn't feel it was right to be the same rank as Maes - a man who sacrificed his life for his country.

-Gracia and Riza are best friends, much like Winry and Riza.

-Riza did not keep in contact with Edward after his departure from the military (unlike Roy, who viewed him as a protegee). She did however keep in contact with Alphonse because of his studying Alkahestry.

-Riza and Roy went to Xing in order to learn more about Alkahestry and healing alchemy in order to regain his sight, as opposed to bloodying his hands further with the philosopher's stone provided. They opted to use the stone for Havoc instead and seek other avenues for his sight.

-She was not the willing recipient of her father's work.

-Although she understands alchemy, she cannot use it.

-Along with knowing Ishvallen and Amestrian fluently, she is also prolific in sign language, Morse code, and the NATO Phonetic Alphabet.

-She is often referred to as "the Queen" or "Bravo" by Grumman in personal conversation.

-She likes guns as a form of defense, but not using them to kill.

-Her wedding day is 6.11, a full year after Roy regained his sight.

-Her library rivals Roy's, and she often reads to him on rainy days - a habit she aquired while he was blind.

-She finally came to terms with what she had done after having her first child. Although it took her a long time to remove herself from the military mentality, she was severely protective of her children. She felt that her first miscarriage  was her atonement for the child she killed in Ishval.

-Riza will always respect her son and husband, no matter what decisions they make. Their determination and sacrifice is what makes them worth of the view.

-Riza was very close with Winry, often keeping in contact with letters. She rarely visited due to both of them having a busy schedule and Winry fussing over the twins.

-Since both were only children, Roy insisted on making sure that they had at least two children.

-Roy was adopted by Madam Christmas, and later returned that favor to Riza after her father died. Their relationship started out as admiring each other as siblings and it changed over time.

-The first year after marriage, Riza suspected Roy was cheating on her when he'd stay so late at the bars. It turned out that he was talking to Madam Christmas about his travels down the road of parenthood.

-Riza tries very hard to remain neutral in all aspects of life. When her children are involved, it's difficult for her to keep a steady hand.

-Their third year of marriage brought a fire, destroying their family home and all the photographs they once had. Riza eventually managed to attain a reprinted copy of the photo of Maes, and a family album with a few photographs from training, but otherwise, most childhood pictures of Zuko were destroyed that night.

-She kept her bunny rabbit from her childhood and later gave it to Zuko.

-Riza, much like Roy, has no known living relatives exceptGrumman (for Roy, it's Christine, who is his maternal aunt).

-She is an advocate of Roy fixing the problems that the military created, and has followed him blindly (pun not intended) until they were forced to part ways after marriage.

-She took a brief reprive from the military after Zuko was born, later allowing Christine and Gracia to help babysit him during the day. It is probably for this reason that Zuko refers to his parents by rank.

-Later transferring to the military police, Riza never quite felt like she had completed her duty to Roy.

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