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Fairy Tales were never meant to last

[False Reality:I]
The 25th century brought joy to everyone except those whom didn't have access to the internet, or the ability to plug in anywhere. Tetsuya had been one of those that were left out from the trends. Fore as an orphan he didn't have the money, nor the the time to focus on the same childish games that the world around him indulged in. No, he needed to bring himself into a position of higher power. He needed to purge himself of the poverty that was cast onto him without a second thought. Despite this the only way to leave the orphanage would be to get adopted, and that never happened to anyone at the "Smiley Academic Home" orphanage, or rather the headmistress didn't authorize it without the proper payment. Human trafficking wasn't rare in Japan these days, but many would've thought that it had been abolished long before the 25th century. It just goes to show that many people can't let go of the darkness that grows in their hearts.

Having known full well what the orphanage was really for Tetsuya decided to get himself sold, and the most effective way to do that would've been showing off how prized he could be. With that in mind Tetsuya began to dress like a little girl in hopes of being noticed. This tactic didn't work at first, but slowly his influence on the staff at the orphanage became well known. He manipulated, talked down to, and even convinced them to purchase more clothing for his personal use. After a few years of this the nine year old boy caught the eye of one of the orphanages most prestigious contributors. They wanted to buy the young boy, and as such they were given him without much delay. However by this time Tetsuya had grown tired of being a "girl", and went back to dressing just like he should.

Usually this would be seen as a good thing, but the Maki family didn't see it as such. They were quite the well known family, and hailed from old money. However they wanted him as a young girl, and not as a boy. Having known full well that this were their wish he convinced himself over, and over again that it had been the only thing to do at the time. After all if he didn't they'd send him back to the orphanage once again. Having never been able to have a child of their own these two needed a female heir in order to follow the families traditions as they had always been. He agreed, but with certain conditions. Firstly he'd only masquerade as a woman in the most public of settings. School, gatherings, and other things that required it. Otherwise he simply planned on being himself. With the shortage of young women in the world his adopted parents really had no choice. They accepted, and took him away.

From then on Tetsuya found himself thrust into a whole new world. The rich really lived a different life than mere orphans, and soon enough he became one of them. From parties to social gatherings he spread the name Maki Akemi all across the world as promised. But he felt empty inside. A void had form as life became stale slowly. The excitement dripping out of it over, and over again. He was still a child when he realized this, and by then a new craze had taken over the world by storm. VR. Virtual Reality, and the games that took place in them. The most popular by far had been the MMORPG, Lagneía online. A grim fantasy that surged with unending adventures, and numerous mysterious. He wanted to play. He needed to play. The very thought of doing so enthralled him twice over again, again. But now wasn't the time. He had other things to focus on, and games weren't one of them.

Yet by the time Tetsuya turned 17 his lack of interest in the rich had reached its peak. He stopped appearing as Maki Akemi, and focused solely on himself. The media went crazy because of her disappearance, and he made yet another deal with his "adoptive" parents as a result. They had been backed into a corner by his actions, and actually needed his help with something. The deal consisted of him being able to finally by the games that had become a trend, and taken over the minds of everyone in the world. Since that was his only demand they gladly accepted, but proposed an offer of their own. Although their offer had been quite odd compared to his own. They wanted him to get married to a man instead of a women. At first he was opposed to this, but he hadn't had much of a choice in the matter.

With that said he met with numerous prospects for marriage under the guise of being a young woman from a successful family. This is how the prince Xperia first came to be. It all started when he went tp "plug in". A term meaning that he hooked himself into the VR system as a way to escape the lie that he had now begun to call his everyday life. Ashamed that he never woke up from his new dream. For on that day Xperia N. Asthavon was born, and Maki Tetsuya was no more. A incident occurred, and the trickster God Avon left him dead in his bed. Forced to revive as an infant apart of the Royal House Asthavon. Most things were forgotten. His time as a human thrown away. Now only a Supernatural Fate remained.

[Salvation Rising:II]

What makes a Hero? This is one of a few questions in which civilization has yet to conclude. For many a hero is one that acts as a slave to the people, and others find a silent protagonist fueled by the blood of their foes to be a true hero. In truth a Hero can not just be made, but born. Fore a hero is one that has received a blessing of the Gods, or felt the wrath of their curse. Xperia N Asthavon, the 4th born of the Asthavon royal family bloodline is one such hero who soon bathed in the tragedy of fate. Existing as a soul from another world he soon found himself within the land of Zotaria. One of the larger continents that exist as part of the few nations of the Planet, and realm 𝕷𝖆𝖌𝖓𝖊𝖎́𝖆. Even as an infant he could tell how different he was from others. From birth he was aware of everything. His thoughts were complex, and his desire bustled up from the surface every chance it got. When he closed his eyes, or thought to himself a window appeared before him. A status screen that showed his stats, and skills as if he were in a game. Although he did not know exactly why he could view such. His family saw nothing similar, and neither did any others.

It wasn't an event viewed as strange, or stretching the bond of reality. They simply thought it a blessing from their many Gods, and Goddesses. The Asthavon in particular were royal, and found themselves to be descendants of Avon the Trickster God. The very same that brought his soul over the barrier of universes, and sealed it within his infant vessel. He was born to the Empress Desco Asthavon, and fathered by her thoughts. Unlike her other children he actually took on the form of an ancient threat that was longed sealed away by her actual Husband, Avon. However just like his siblings he was left in the care of minor nobles from the less than royal house Angevine. They once produced the most loyal warriors that were now left to rot in poverty as they were the tattered leftovers of defeated rebel force. Mostly left to their own devices by the empress. Those who remained now took in the royal family's unwanted children in order to train them for a finer purpose of serving the church. In this case that happened to be a mistake as the adoptive parents of Xperia told the prince everything about his "Supposed" origins from the moment he could understand the most basic of language(5).

A usually forbidden act due to it actively stirring up feelings of both rejection, and anger. Two such emotions that Xperia seemed to lack. Instead of being angry, or feeling betrayed this child just laughed. He laughed at his adoptive parents, and the very thought of opposing his actual mother. Of course they had no idea why, but unlike others he could actually view the fighting strength of others displayed as a level. His mother...well she was beyond his own abilities. The abilities of everyone in-fact. They stood no chance against her, and he expressed this feeling to them swiftly. Because of this they gave up on using the boy, and began training him in the royal magic sword skills, and numerous other marital arts he just sneered at. The prince wasn't exactly good at fighting, and despite constant practice he showed little stat improvement in his speed & magic capabilities. However what he lacked in combat ability he made up for in memory.

With this abnormal memory of his he was able to keep up in his combat practices, and still hold his own in military strategy that served as his second favorite pass time. While his first became exploring the options of his sexuality. A journey that didn't go out too far as he just made a habit of following any ass that he came in contact with, and forcefully 'making it a Twinkie' . A term he often used when explaining the situation to both the parents of emotionally scared teenage girls, and boys. Normally one would feel a bit of guilt after performing such acts, but he did not. In fact his poor physical, and magical stats were raised after every sexual encounter he participated in. So he continued in secret mostly, but news spread nonetheless. He begun to pursue knowledge on souls similar to himself, and found that it was hopeless. All records of such beings had long since been sealed away, or destroyed altogether.

By this time he was around 21 years of age, and had reached second in the rankings of young templar working for high positions within churches army, but the top spot was held by one of his three siblings that had also been given to a noble house like himself. Our young prince wasn't concerned about it one little bit. Hatching a diabolical plan he wrote the girl a love letter, and when she showed up in a location stated within it he ambushed her. Even going so far as to knock her out with a drug he invented himself. After he had that finished up he kidnapped the girl, and sealed her in a cavernous waste filled planet where A.D.T.W would later be formed on. In good faith Xperia also goes back, and ????? his sister to give her the social interaction she deserved as well. Something he rather enjoyed a bit more than he should have.

With his youngest sister out of the way Xperia was finally acknowledged by Desco as a heir to the throne, and thus a prince if only in name alone. Of course this was only after 40 years passed, and the search for his missing sister was abandoned. By now he had already joined the churches army, and earned numerous rewards that were revoked due to certain sexual harassment claims filed against him. Nevertheless he was the prince, and they were all but done away with. Seeing the army as a waste of time soon after he left it behind in favor of scheming against the remainder of his competition for the throne, and his biggest threat remained his elder sister. But going after he directly was suicide. As such he instead aimed for their brother who held no achievements, or claims to the throne. But he did hold the heart of their sister at the very least. A fact unknown to even himself.

So Xperia invited his elder brother to tea one day, and unknowingly Leon walked straight into his trap. Fore the tea that drunk had been laced with a poison deadly to the Sueki like his sibling Leon. So he died peacefully choking on his own salvia as his heart stopped, and to further add insult to injury our 'Hero' decapitated the corpse, and then sent the head to their eldest sister Noverita. With it he included a note that claimed their mother to be culprit as well. Enraged Noverita assaulted their mother, and earned herself exile. With every other heir erased Xperia automatically received the title of 1st Prince, and Matriarch. Something he proudly boasted on a daily basis as well.

After his forceful seizure of the Matriarchal position Xperia began pooling knowledge together, and gathering information on tomes of ancient magic, mythical weapons, and the origins of his class of Sacred Hero[Balor]. The latter being most important as power came before discovering oneself further in his mind. Even so his search brought him to a village on the very outskirts of the kingdom where he found an old witch who held all three of his objectives in tow. However she wasn't inclined to give them up until the prince accused her of treason, and later found himself being beat senseless by the old hag.

After their exchange of abuse came to a close she told Xperia of the Spear [????] that is said to be the bane of a creator from another land and where to find it. Second she handed him a tome in which contained magic that only he could use in this life time by simply coming to understand the runes engraved on the pages of the book. Thirdly she explained that he was special, and made sure to put emphasis on the parts of her tale that foretold him as the destined savoir of their world. Of course he didn't care about that part, and clung haphazardly onto the idea that he was a special breed possessing a name lost to time itself. Either way his true species, and future were blessed with untapped potential beyond what he could dream. But he still promised to save the world in order to slither away a bit more quickly. Passive in his retreat it was to good too be true as he ordered the royal guards to burn down the village, and execute everyone who was present during his arrival. The prince presented no reasoning, but in truth he simply wished to bury the legend about him with its inhabitants. No need to spoke his mother into acting against him after all.

Now with fate in tow, and his visions for the future set in stone our young "Hero" set off to claim his stake on the universe one victim at a time, and his first stop was Babylon.

[Birth Of An Avenger: III]

It would take Xperia over 200 years of searching before he actually came to find the mythical city of Babylon. Despite being there, nothing special occurred, nor did he really find out anything about himself. In fact the only discovery he happened to make was one involving a key of sorts. It was relic that let the wielder return to Babylon by opening portals through space, but it originally wasn't the only one. Apparently the progenitor species called the Sugiurian made numerous amounts of these relics in order to get around freely. After exploring the city for a bit Xperia found a book of Fairy Tales that seemed to mimic his pas5 adventures. Whether it had been chasing around Adora Orianna, or slaughtering entire villages. They were all present, and accounted for. It was almost as if his entire life was been documented to this day, and given that the pages weren't all full it could taken that it wasn't done just yet.

However something strange was on the last page of the book. Fore it depicted an ancient beast that they deemed as the "Mythical Horror Balor". Its image depicting a fairly odd beast that possessed the traits of a Serpent mixed together with the fur of a beast. The passages following the crude drawing described a hero who rose to prominence through his acts of bravery, but fell from grace drowning in his own lust for everything the world had to offer. It was similar to what the elderly woman he had executed beforehand was spouting, but seeing it before him was quite a shock. So much of a shock that he burned the book to ashes before fleeing the city altogether. Never speaking a word of what he saw to anyone. Around that time he returned to Zotaria in order to officially be crowned the heir. However by now his crimes against the royal family were all, but exposed. The remaining sibling he left chained up underneath A.D.T.W escaped after the compound was abandoned, and with her warden gone he had no chance to stop it from happening.

She made sure to spill every gory detail of his planned assaults, and assassinations to their mother. Easily revealing that it was a huge mistake to offer her his motives, and plans just because he felt like toying with her. From there he was captured by his family, and everything related to them was stripped. His status as a royal, property he owned, and his very power. That meant that his mother stole away what made them similar, and left the former prince as near worthless. However his more base abilities, and powers that weren't formed from his being a Sueki awakened within him. These were a bit more powerful, and happened to focus entirely on his more liberating talents. Almost as if fate bent itself to provide him with a crutch. After 9 months of being held in prison he was tortured, and then thrown into limbo. Sentenced to exile, but it was actually an execution. Numerous bounty hunters were sent after the former prince as Empress Desco deemed that he was a criminal not worthy of life. She would've done it herself, but having been bound to their country she just couldn't give chase on her own.

Limbo held him. It bound him to an uncertain fate, and once he emerged all would know their mistake in betraying him. For betrayal was a coin with two sides. A battle against oneself, and the foe. One that Xperia intended to focus upon after raising his level, and skills over and over again.


header here
You get in my way, I'ma feed you to the monster

Passive Skills

[Nile Of Casualties:] The very 1st, and most useless skill of Xperia. It hails from his racial class Fledgling Balor, and is one designed to fix his mistakes. It does so by taking the Existence of beings sharing an identical wavelength in terms of their Soul, and swapping them should he face death. Basically causing them to die in his place, and Xperia will then be respawned shortly after. Reliving his life again up to that point, but at a heightened rate of passing time. What is actually many years is completed in mere seconds. All while he is none the wiser about it at all.[2 official|canon respawns so far]

[Enlightened Charm:]A passive blessing granted by the deities, and gods once one is born into the realm of Lagneía. Often times providing passive boosts to core stats like Strength, Intelligence, or Wisdom for example. However Xperia is one of the few that have received a special variant of the Mythos Blessing. It has been given the name of "Enlightened Charm". Its effect is quite simple as it grants even his most subtle of actions a hint of seductive flare when there is none. While his more obvious attempts are bustling with sexual tension, and cravings no matter how he goes about them. It can't be turned off, and occurs randomly rather than through his own doing.

Active Skills

[Deity Flux:] As the primary source, and creator of Deity Flux Magic Xperia is privy to a specialized version of it. One that is aligned to no single element at all. Instead it is a fusion between intensely focused non-elemental mana, and vast amounts of light. Together they fuse in order to create Stellar Flux Magic, that when called upon uses the wielders body as a medium to both summon/control dead celestial bodies. Stars are of course the main focus of this magic, and allows for a great number of things to occur with its use. Basic application of this ability is to shape, manipulate, and forge new stars from particularly mystical affects. What this proves to mean is entirely up to the wielder in question, but it more than likely will follow suit with the ability to produce immense amounts of pressure that inherit the appearance of feathers. Feathers in which are said to even be able to burn away, and siphon mana away from other sources equally. Of course the holders of the ability aren't affected, and are thus immune to its effects. Most of its offensive spells come in the form of concussive force, and manipulating an energy that is tied into gravitational fields.

[Essence Absorption:] Due to his genes he possesses the innate roots of a being that caused him to inherit an odd condition of sorts. This condition takes on the form of his being able to sap the powers of those he comes into contact with through physical contact. While merely tapping them will do nothing extended gropes, or fondles of said person will indeed get the job done. So will direct contact with the lips, or other forms of sexual contact as well.

[Sexual Empowerment:] Through this ability the user may actively enhance their physical abilities via any form of Erotic, perverse, or abnormally Kinky actions that would normally be frowned upon. The enhancements are permanent, and increase dramatically as the user ages, or matures in their sexual habits. Which means exploring the depths of various fetishes could unlock further advancements to the ability overall.

[Sensation Enhancement:] Sensation Enhancement is well the ability to enhance sensations a person feels via physical touch. It can be either pain, or pleasure. The difference is neigh impossible to find with it. However when use for Pain it glows red, and for Pleasure it is blue. To date the recorded enhancement is that of 5x times the ordinary rate at any given moment. So a simple scratch could quickly mimic the pain one feels when their arm is severed.

[Gaze Of Balor:] The Gaze Of Balor, or Balor Gaze for short is a hypnotic ability held by the Sueki species as a whole. It's name comes from an ancient serpent said to have shaped them its scales, and in the process they were granted eyes that 'charm' others that gaze into them for extended periods of time. No matter their gender, or sexuality those struck by the power will be under the control of its wielder long enough to receive 5 orders worth of time. However they can't be commanded to harm themselves physically, or in any way that would leave them deceased. Secondly wasting time by not giving orders will cause the control to end after 5 hours. Thirdly those affected by the charm have their pupils mimic the shape of an Ouroboros.

[Slime Familiar Beast(s):] In true eroge fashion the familiar Xperia happened to be bonded with is a special type of slime that feeds upon the sexual urges, desires, and the relieve felt when the other two are fulfilled. Summoned through the use of his semen, and a medium of any kind. Simply meaning that if he wished to he could summon his familiars within the body of anyone if they've ingested, or taken it inside of them using other methods. Unlike other slimes this particular breed is simply called the Slime Beasts due to their tendency to shift forms, and prey upon other creatures while using them. Making them carnivores to a certain degree, but the oddest thing about them is they cannot breed without using other beings to do so as they lacked the capability to produce asexually like other slimes.

Class Skills

[Katana Spirit Wielding:]

[Proficient Cloning Expertise:]

[Adept Soul Weaving:]

[Broken Crown Authority:]

[Alter Ego Manifestation:]

[Balor Transformation:]


Groups: 𝕷𝖆𝖌𝖓𝖊𝖎́𝖆,

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Birth Name: Xperia Nebun Asthavon
Inherited Surname: N/A
Alias: N/A
Pronunciation: Sound it out
Title: Exiled Prince
Pet Name: Bun-Bun
ID Number: 909213
Gender: Male
Gender Role: Feminine
Orientation: Pan-sexual
Actual Age: 250
Future Age: 3,200
Age Appearance:19
Birthday: ??/???/????
Deathday: Unknown
Birthplace: Church[Severity&Silence]
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Zodiac Sign:Unknown
Species: Balor[Mythical Horror]
Classification: Unidentified
Ethnicity: Zotarian
Blood Type: B Positive(?)
Preferred Hand: Right Handed
Allergies: Spoons
Handicaps: Partially Color Blind
Phobias: Ultimately ending up alone.
Addictions: Alot.
Mental Disorders: Does living count?


Am I a Hero or a Monster?

Hysteria Reaper

Where do you draw a line between illusion, and reality? Or rather how can you distinguish one from the other to begin with? Perhaps it wasn't even meant to be in first place. Those that have crossed this line go by many names. Such as wizards, sorcerers, mages, witches, and various others. However one of the only noticeable variation of these would be the "Hysteria Reaper". A Heroic, or Mythical class that isn't held by many. Like the name implies they often resembled that of the Reapers said to serve the Goddess of Death herself. Seen wearing hooded robes of various colors, and fashions that display the culture of where they hail from.

Because of their utility based background the class is fairly profound in the usage, and application of various status effects onto any that block the path before them. Having a close relation to magical classes they even have been known to have an affinity for non-elemental based magic. Without the ordinary magic affinities they mainly focused on magic that conjured barriers, or crafted massive explosions of Fluxio[Magical Energy].

The class itself boasts an extremely high wisdom stat that eclipses its other stats superbly. Allowing them to learn numerous spells, and tank magical damage effectively. Because of the nature of the class they lack many healing spells, and will only learn around two. Their weapon choices are fairly wide compared to many others as well. That is considering the fact that they can equip, and then utilize nearly any weapon given to them. However they mainly specialize in the use of scythes, and katanas of over all else.

Fledgling Balor

The Fledgling Balor is a hidden racial class that only awakens in the Sueki of the Asthavon Household, and comes only once every few generations. Not much is known about its skills, stats, or how effective it is in battle. However there are quite a few legends that say it hails from an ancient race that aims to devour the world, and those whom awaken this fate will eventually give in to this urge as well. As they do so the class will progress down one of many evolution paths that will determine if they become a savior, or a destroyer altogether.[The balor is an ever evolving class that has randomized skills, and stats that often suit the holder. By the system of the world they are meant to grow, and consume the knowledge within themselves in order to progress towards a future they desire.]

Look what I'm plannin', h a h a

title here

The "Friendlies"?

Squirt 'em with semen, and cry your way on home

Soul Mate. Victim. Obsession. There are many words that could describe the way that Xperia happens to view Adora Orianna. A woman that he has sought, and chased for as long as he dares to remember. To him she is both a friend, and a foe rolled up into an attractive package. Many could toss her aside a fling, or a passing fancy but she is so much more to him. A reason to live. A reason improve himself. A reason to never stray from his desires. Fore without such a thing he wouldn't met her in the first place. So he doesn't hesitate to pester, molest, fondle, and even forcefully love her in view of others. Often finding the public domain to be the most fortunate place to show everyone just whom she belongs.

Kazuko Masahiro a 2nd generation member of the Asthavon harem, or so that is what Xperia has been most likely to tell others. However it couldn't be anymore untrue if you asked her. He has found Kazuko to be a beautiful spit fire that is ready to burn almost anyone, or anything that crosses her path with less than positive intentions. Including his constant, but subtle advances. Often attempting to literally press his assets into her as a method of deepening their friendship. Who knows if it gets through properly, but he continues to enjoy himself by doing so anyway.

Trinity Blair Asthavon. The twin sister that he never knew he had. Yet even still he could feel an estranged connection from the depth of his soul. Ironically enough she even seems to be quite the deviant pervert in some cases, but she still can't compare to Xperia. After all he finds her to be quite attractive. Almost as much as himself in most cases, and he'd gladly stuff her like a Twinkie if given the chance.

After all they left you all alone

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Misfits (MCRP)

A s h y


Monster Bait




Devon Brooks

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