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Characters: Gunter Prozen, Minister Prozen, Regent
Verses: Zoids, Crossovers, One Piece Mechs, Pokemon, All Crossovers
Playbys: Dave Kelly
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crossover, Science Fiction, Spar/Fighting, Thriller/Suspense, Video Game,
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About me:

Gunter Prozen, otherwise known as Minsiter Prozen was a calm, calculating man of high ambitions within the Guylos Empire. A villain that planned his moves like spider in the web. Each move was calculated, planned, and plotted from the start. Like a chess player vying for control of all of Zi, Prozen kept his relationships with the aging Emperor, and kept pleasantness to his heir, Prince Rudolf as the appointed regent.

Before his time in Imperial politics, Prozen served as a soldier for the Empire, commanding entire battalions into battle. A veteren of the war with the New Helic Republic, Prozen saw the Republic as nothing but rebels usurping the land. As such, he would covet their territory as his expansionist greed would continue to grow and fester.

As Emperor Rudolf II fell ill in his old age, Gunther Prozen set fourth his plan to finally secure the throne. He manipulated the aging emperor into sparking a renewed war with the Republic, in an effort to drive them into submission- under the guise of "securing peace and security for Emperor Rudolf III to rule." In short a false promise of a peaceful, easy era to continue the Zeplin Dynasty.

Yet, deep in the darkest reaches of Zi, Prozen began to secretly fund and continue research on ancient Zoidians. He wanted to know why they had mysteriously vanished, and what made them so powerful as a race. As the years dragged on, Gunther would learn of the Deathsaurer, and begin his work in reviving the beast of legend.

As the renewed war came to a ceasefire with the death of Emperor Rudolf II, Prozen would play the part of a loyal patriot of the Empire by heeding the wishes of the newly The Emperor's young heir. Though, in secret he continued to scour ruins and artifacts for missing pieces to this ancient Zoidian puzzle, and, once he secured the necessary data; Gunter would work tiredlessly on actually building the Deathsaurer in full by using stolen Zoid Cores - the heart of the mechanical life forms.

But as luck would not be on his side, the war between the Republic and the Empire came to a sudden halt, as Emperor Rudolf III took control following his grandfather's passing. A temporary ceasefire would be enacted, to allow for peace talks. Though, Prozen had other plans. While peace was being secured, Prozen would take to the criminal underworld to hire several mercenaries to assdinate the prince, in a conspiracy to take the throne.

His plan nearly succeeded in several attempts. The minister even had the Emperor's ring in his hand to solidify his claim on the throne, and his mighty Deathsaur was now in his control - the World nearly fell to his rule. However, his luck would soon change. Thanks to continued peace talks between the once war torn nations, the Helic Republic, and the Guylos Empire forged a new alliance with the intent of dethroning the megalomaniac, and to destroy his Deathsaurer once and for all. After a brutal and costly battle. Gunter Prozen would seemingly meet his end at the hands of a certain Ligar Pilot.

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