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About me:
Before, Slash was not very proficient at his own magic, he was full of frustration. He got two aims that he wanted to succeed in, his first aim was to make friends, but whenever he tried to make one it didn't go well, since his magic went haywire every time he was close to someone. He did not care about what was happening, he kept trying but his magic still was not going too well, then the anger started to flood through him as his failure took hold of him, those around him started to fear about his magic, not only the magic, but the owner of it as well, as they thought that slash was doing it on purpose. But what slash did not know is that his anger is what made his magic to spiral out of control. One day whenever he see so many monsters and humans are with each other, he is filled with jealousy and starting to lose control along with his magic, let anger takes over him as well. so instead of trying to make friends, he then starting to spread whatever he's goin' through for the past weeks ago until now, and that's making others drive apart. That is when he stumbled in one of this AU, meet Star Sanses. They stop Slash doing his evil deed. Until at one day, he finally realized his terrible actions are a big mistake, thanks to Star Sanses, mostly dream who had helped him to be better and help him to reach his second and final goal. (You will find his goal as u scroll down down) Slash lives with the 3 skeletons and 1 human, their name is Neon Light (Neon for short), Leo, Starling and Frisk (Luna). They all are friends who live in the same AU, NEONTALE (pacifist AU), it's a very peaceful universe. Slash's goal was to protect Neontale from the threat that has been happening out there, His friends' live depend on Slash, he wouldn't want them to live in a cruel world. The way that Slash decided to use his magic to protect the whole Neontale for the rest of his life as a secret universe. After that, nobody, not even Ink knows where this AU is. No outsider is welcome. And no outsider is allowed to know where he lives. Until now, protecting this AU which is still his duty. Slash will do whatever it takes to keep Neontale under control. A happy ending always last in Neontale. Slash wears a grey/orange T-shirt, a waistless and short sleeve jacket, long black fingerless gloves and some black leg sleeves. He also wears short sweatpants with blue stripes down the sides with a belt around them, an orange bandana, and orange sport shoes. He has two purple splashes on his cheeks, his eyes are green and yellow. The left eye's shape is a star, representing happiness and the right one is a heart, representing love and kindness. But without the colors of these shapes, he will start to lose his feelings, he can only feel anger and sadness, and his memories will slowly fade away one by one. Slash always acts tough and brave to protect the threats and destruction ruining others' universe. but sometimes he just does it for his friends. When it comes to a dangerous situations, he always stands up for his friends even when he is in a deep pain, no matter what others say, he refuse to let or see them die. Slash can be weak when it comes to anger, because anger is what drain all of his energy, but that won't last forever as long as others can spare their energy to Slash. Slash can regain his energy back by taking a rest or a nap too. but it's gonna be hard during the battle, He has to find it or maybe borrow some. Slash is a hardworking type, he really loves working day and night himself without even realizing when to get rest. He even doesn't mind overworking. His energy won't last for too long without taking a break if he waste it. Slash is very honest to others, he doesn't like to lie to a friend, not even a little. especially when it comes to telling his friends about his feelings, he never hide anything from the one he trusted the most, Even his biggest secret. Slash is also a promise maker (deal and promise are the same yes i know), he's very good at it, once he made a promise, he keep it. but if he found out you break even the tiniest promise, he is no longer your friend, he won't hesitate to fight or kill you just because u broke the promise. You CANNOT force him to come back to you after that. Apologizing isn't enough for him. when it comes to deal, he always make sure about the deal he is making with someone doesn't include anything harmful! Weapons: Golden Sword: His sword is indestructible. Indeed, it is not able to be destroyed in any way. Abilities: Energize: When he is really furious, enthusiastic, serious, his around exists light electric. Phoenix summoning: He will summon them for transportation and fighting. In free time, he sometimes takes care them and feed them. Soul Box: Slash does not steal souls. For monsters' souls safety (not be stolen), they are all kept in it. Magic Manipulation (can be magnetic): Slash can protect the entire multiverse with his magic, but it would take to much of his energy because protecting one to three AUs are already enough for him, he will start slowing down his movement without breaking the protection spell, but he won't die from losing energy. Easily anger: Slash's anger can get him to the strongest LEVEL OF VIOLENCE, but it depends on how strong he feels. Immunity to blue magic/ attack: Self-explanatory. Ability to speed up running speed: His speed is limitless. Breathing Smoke: Slash breathes smoke sometimes because this happens when he's regaining his energy back after using too much of it. Ability to hold hot objects: Slash has a strength to hold the heat than other sanses do, they melt when it comes to something hot, unlike him, he can hold anything hotter than the sun. Unbreakable Shield: It protects Slash from some attacks. This shield cannot be crashed unless you're powerful enough to break through it. Electric Blasters: Slash can create Gaster Blasters like other Sanses that they are full of electric. He can also combine all the blasters together to make a trillion times bigger attack. He can summon millions of blasters. Electric Bone Manipulation (sharp, yellow color): Self-explanatory. Trivia: He has Somniphobia (Fear of sleep), Claustrophobia (Fear of small spaces) and Arachnophobia (Fear of spiders). He sometimes talks to himself. He has much a lot of friends. He can easily get terrible migraine when he uses too much of his energy for too long, example; days, weeks, months. He can spare memories to others, reminding them what they used to be, reminding what is important to them. (That is probably Nightmare weakness) He has been dreaming of becoming part of Star Sanses and fight alongside them since he had never work with anyone other than from his universe. He loves learning more about them. But he wasn't sure about his position in the team, it's been a while since he works WITH someone. (not 'for', he never liked the sound of that) During his travels, he does not talk much with other people, especially to someone he didn't recognized, even if he did, he wouldn't dare to tell them anything about himself, even his real name (except a nickname), since he doesn't know what their true intentions are or what they capable of, they might use him as a weapon against his friends, hurt the innocent victims, or anything else. Slash is very good at giving others advises, he had plenty of those, he also always has a solution to any problems, no wonder why his friends trust him a lot. He is not the type that is so easy to surrender no matter what he is going through. Slash never felt disappointment or anything besides happy because he live in a peaceful AU. Slash may be fast at fighting, dodging and everything, but his reactions are so slow. His eyes' shapes won't change from different emotions like Ink. Slash may be aggressive but safety is his priority. Slash's soul is full of energy, which keeps him fully energized at all times, he sometimes keep his soul beside in his chest (Neontale), that will make it easier for him to be safe when travelling in the Multiverse. He cannot be killed unless you kill him by the soul. That won't happen since he is so good at hiding things. Slash can't be taken down unless he gets defeated by someone with an ORANGE attacks. Whenever Slash's life is close to an end, he will either say "I'd rather see you happy than me..." or "I'd rather die than seeing my friends suffer..." depending on what situation his in. Slash does not know what it's like to be in any neutral or a genocide AUs.
Who I'd like to meet:
The Star Sanses The Evil Sanses Gaster! Error! Sans Any Undertale OC!

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