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Characters: Sasha.
Verses: Disgaea, Fantasy, Mature.
Length: Multi Para, Para
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About me:
At first glance--and, from what he'll no doubt gush about--Sasha is a healer. With a staff by his side and a sharp wit to pin down and cure whatever ailments may befall you, he seems like the perfect person to party up with, right?


Sasha's healing is merely a hobby. In reality, his true strength lies in his innate talent of Bad Luck Manipulation. When in a dungeon, odd effects that can easily be attributed to bad luck begin to take place. Vines grow from the ground to trip people, a weapon breaks on its own...The usual. This is all so that he can most likely be the one that looks like he's done most of the work, giving him the larger share of the treasure at the end...Oh well. It all relies on the power of trust, so if someone doesn't figure it out soon or trusts him a lot, things can get pretty...out of hand.

The reason why this works, though, is due to his personality. Cheerful, friendly no matter the situation, and unconcerned about danger, he appears to be able to get along with just about anyone. Not only that, but he tends to obsess over being cute. Really, this can be considered his true self outside of a dungeon. But, since his power relies on trust, getting too close to such a personality can be pretty dangerous...

That's not to say he's completely invincible, though. Once he's found out, the trust is gone, so it becomes harder and harder to use his powers to defend himself. And besides, this only really shows up when there's treasure involved--at the base, he's just a healer, albeit a slightly mischievous one. So, erm...maybe don't go treasure hunting with him...

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