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About me:
A boy given the power of a god, to stop the gods that fell to his world and destroyed his family. Now he wanders the infinite expanse of Conception searching for a way back home.

Name: Damien Sykk Smith
Race: Avatar (mutant/meta-human)
Age: 17-23
Date of Birth: August 7, 2097
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Weight:140 pounds
Hair Color: Black/Magenta (switches depending on gender)
Eye color: Gold
Gender: Male/Female(Switches when the magic of the Library backfires)
Family: Gabriel Smith(Father), Trinity Grave-Smith (Mother), Adam Grave-Smith (Older Brother), Claire Grave-Smith (Little Sister, Cross Grave (Uncle), Vexia Grave (Cousin)

Style: Way of the Architect: A combat style mixing magic, the transformation properties of the Library, and legends of warriors to have an ever evolving fighting style.

Imaginary Strain: By taking the Library Sykk was changed from a normal human to what could be compared to as a mutant. Though he is unaware of it, a part of the Library itself has fused to his dna creating a triple helix which gives him an extremely adaptive genetic structure which reacts to certain abilities of the Library and the energy from Conceptual Space. This addition allowing him to completely rewrite his genetic code based on parameters directed by the Library itself. As such his strengths and weaknesses change as well as abilities. What is common is that he is capable of utilizing all forms of energy, even allowing his body to rewrite and adapt to it's surroundsings or rules of that space during transformational periods.

The Library: An ancient artifact dating back to the origin of creation which houses all knowledge of the multi-verse within itself. Shaped by the Architect itself, the artifact has no known shape and freely changes depending on what Sykk desires. Made of unknown nigh-indestructable its both a weapon and encyclopedia which acts as a catalyst to help Sykk channel conceptual space to perform in his spells. Example: Though Sykk usually keep the Library in the form of a spellbook or staff it can become anything he wishes. There is a conciousness within the Library which guides Sykk providing him information and entertainment as it freely communicates with him. Though all knowledge is stored within it, the Library was severely damaged and doesnt allow Sykk access to said knowledge without the need for him to have to somehow actually acquire the knowledge for himself. An example, though the knowledge of an alien species is in the Library, he wouldnt know anything about them without having to first know they exist and studying them.

The Theory of Conceptual Space: The theory of conceptual space was first considered when Sykk used his first spell after acquiring the Library. He prayed for a way to save himself and the world when faced with the calamity that was the Everwatch. As Sykk's world was without any form of magic and a world of science, he hypothesized that his thoughts called out to the Library which defies physics itself. The particular spell he used he merely thought of doing never actually knowing what abilities he had, or even that he had abilities at all. Tearing a hole through an Everwatch Sentinel exactly the way he precieved it lead him to believe his thoughts manifested physically from somewhere.

After witnessing the affect the Library had on the rest of humanity he wondered if thoughts were shared between humans. People who thought of ideas years apart but never meeting, if people shared thoughts where did they go and where were the stored? In came Conceptual Space. Thus Sykk concluded that exposure to his will and the radition of conceptual space forced the humans on his earth to mutate allowing them to control certain types of energy but none matching that of Conceptual Space.

Conceptual Energy: The unstable and purest form of imagination taking the form of interdimensional energy. Conceptual Space is entirely made up of this energy and very few living beings can travel through it unharmed. Before imagination is given clear picture and thought it remains in this unstable form which violently reacts to reality changing it in various ways. Any living creature exposed to this energy can become completely destroyed or breaks down into nothing but scattered thoughts forever doomed to wander the realm of Conceprual Space. Anyone capable of manipulating this energy can create anything in reality. As such only those capable of manipulating this energy(only beings from my universes), are able to affect this energy in any way outside of the user's specific desires. In Sykk's case it prevents his spells from being altered or having his energy turned back against him.

Conceptium- Sykk knows very little about the origins of the Library but it was clear that even it's make up defied the laws of physics. It was clear it was made of metallic elements but it could literally change into any state at a mere thought giving it a free flowing molecular structure. This lead Sykk to believe it was made within conceptual space itself but assimilated elements from his universe. Sykk discovered this ability stretched to elements in other universes the first time he jumped to an alternate universe. As powerful as this element is, it is not indestructible though it can heal itself.

Hall of Tomes- Often times Sykk spends his free hours exploring an ever-shifting Labyrinth which Sykk subconsciously creates when visiting the Dimensional Matrix of the Library. It is the universe which stores the Knowledge contained within the Library designed in a such a way that reflects the mental state of it's user. It is a chaotic realm for all Avatars of the Library and Sykk has seen records or them all being able to easily navigate it, hosever many of the paths seem to be eaten away and sealed by White Doors.

4th Seal Anti-Erase: The type of being Sykk is grants him a very unique ability. Four seals which share existence on ascending levels. Sykk's connection to the Library serves as his Link to Conceptual Space and the Architect who exists beyond Conception. Therefore Sykk is immune to attacks which would would destroy his existence as the other seals still exist. First Seal: The Sage, Second Seal: The Library. Third Seal: Conceptual Space. Forth Seal: The Architect. Three of the Seals are theoretically able to be destroyed yet the fourth and final Seal exists beyond the 4th wall and beyond the powers of roleplay.

Role Effect: Thanks to the Library's Matrix Drive Protocals, when Sykk enters a universe he is subject to a phenomena known as the Role Effect. Sykk has a specific purpose in mind for infiltration of another universe and he is incapable of leaving said univerde until he completes his destiny. Because of the damage the Library suffered and missing fragment code, this often times affects the transformation Sykk undergoes when he has switched genders. Sykk has discovered this may also have something to do why his abilities tend to change when he is a woman to match those of empowered humanoids nearby. The System: After Sykk's first jump he discovered the existence of The System which were six seperate universes created by the Architect. The specific universe which Sykk was born in who directly inherited the Library was the last universe created call Legacy of Knowledge. Because the Library is a divine regalia which connects the other universes to him, Legacy of Knowledge runs seperate from the other five allowing for him to have interact with events in all other universes without causing paradoxes. Essentially though the LOK universe was created last, it is the very core of The System hence why the Library was found here.

Grave Bloodline: Those who decended from Cross Grave and being like his sister who inherited the Godseed share one aspect in common within the System. They are glitches which tend to cause strange phenomena within the System to occur against the Architect's design. They have an unusal tendency to come in contact with Divine Regalia which enhance their chaotic power creating uncalculated outcomes which can help or hinder the System as a whole.

Paradox Immunity: Because Sykk has the Library, he exists outside the timeline within the System which exists seperate from the fabric normal time and space.

Class Specification: Runic Spellweaver

Magic Level: Sage level mage with the ability to manipulate interdimensional energy to alter space at the sub-atomic level. Manifesting as ruinic seals, Sykk scribes his thoughts in the seals which act as conduts for the conceptual energy to perform. Because of the nature of Conceptual Energy, until the spells actually take affect they are only theoretical in nature and thus can not he sensed or perceived by anyone except Sykk until they take effect. Sykk specializes in water/ice, earth, light, time and rift magic as well as transmutation though his abilities and specializations change depending on where he is and if he uses the Legend of a Warrior to grant him certain abilities. Sykk's natural talent allows him to cast spells merely by thought though often times distractions cause his spells to backfire creating unpredictable affects. ( Most warriors are characters i have created over the years or referrence the owners of weapons i have made. Should he use a Legend I will post their abilities and such which will override what he has normally or at that time.)

Now though Sykk is a Caster of the highest calibur one would be mistaken to confuse his spells with normal magic. With many wizards, should they manipulate their energies to summon a collum of flame it would be birthed by their magic itself. Very rarely does his conceptual energy actually convert to different forms of energy not matching the specific element he is conjuring. Instead he directly manipulates present natural forces bypasssing certain beings magical resistances or there isnt enough of the element present in nature.

Eye of the Architect :The ability to anaylze any technique, device, spell, or object, living or not and break it down to a written code only Sykk can see or understand at first sight. It also makes him able to see through illusions both magical and psionic alike. Allows him to precieve movements beyond human capacity(ftl thought process), a certain level of precognition(used mainly to detect threats outside his normal sensory ability) as well as telescopic vision should he need it. Manifests as a third eye of glowing silver energy when Sykk enters a heightened sense of conciousness during battle. Length of time to completely break down a technique is based on the complexity of object. PR1M3 C0D3 acknowledged. Subject as established a link to his subconscious which had unlocked a portion of the Architect's Eye in Sykk's eye allowing him naturally increased ocular perception and processing which works in conjunction to his Grave bloodline.

Aura Manipulation: The ability to control ones own spiritual essence to perform feats beyond their physical limitations. Sykk's Aura allows him to naturally draw on the energy found within the space between dimensions known as conceptual space without the need to concentrate. This energy manifests his thoughts and desires in ways only limited by his imagination which in theory allows him to perform any action so long as he can precieve it to be possible. In story there is virtually nothing he theoretically cant accomplish. Or an ability he cant have. However he is limited by his imagination and various factors so he does not have access to all his potential abilites at one time as that would be impossible to imagine. Cant not grant himself immortality and he still gets hurt like anyone normal human without alteration.


-Xenonian Cyberweave: A combination of enchanted proteins harvested from silk of the Xenonian Proto-Wyrm and nanomachines made of a highly adaptive metal. Designed to link directly to the Library's Matrix Drive every fiber of his clothing, from under-garments to his cloak is made of programmable matter which naturally adapts to any environment he encounters ensuring he can survive in it. The cyberweave acts as a secondary skin perfectly molding to Sykk's body. The cloak is naturally resistant to magical energies which is supported by protective seals stitched into the fibers and actually emits a powerful electromagnetic field which repels other types of energy but is vulnerable to physical damage except by ballistics. Though his cloak is durable the systems of the cyberweave are the most vulnerable part of his clothing which have a natural repair function feeding off ambient magical energy to cause the cells to self replicate and heal. The silk of the Proto-Wyrm has 100x tensile strength of spider's silk. Sykk defines it as a living creature which hasn't reached a sentient state.

Silver Arms: Fairy magic is some of the most powerful of all species, Sykk was bound to come across their kind sooner or later. In this particular case he saved the Fairy King Grantham from being corrupted by the Darkness. As a reward he fashioned a pair of silver gauntlets harboring three enchanted jewels. A black diamond, sapphire, and topaz. Each one allows him a mental control over certain aspects of the three elements he specializes in. With the black diamond Sykk can add the void element to light creating void light which siphons energy from molecules allowing to to disintegrate matter. With a sapphire Sykk can manipulate the surface tension of water. With the topaz Sykk can manipulate the electromagnetic charge of minerals and metal in the earth effectively manipulating the gravity in said area.

Cloak of Grace: An angelic artifact taking the shape of a golden rune covered collar which glows with an ice blue light. With this collar Sykk gains the ethereal wings of an angel which are invisible to the naked eye, grants him the power of zero gravity flight. Sykk is able to propel himself in any direction at impressive speeds while emitting an aura which protects Sykk from the force of flight as well as providing oxygen.

Wrath of Ragnarok: Arguably Sykk's most powerful artifact aside from the Library given to him after taking part in the destruction of the 9 realms. Forged from the remnants of the Aesir and Vanir gods, the last of the great dwarfs smithed this multi-form bladed staff that carries the power of the gods themselves. The materials which created this staff are as follows, the bark of Ygdrisll the World Tree, the scales of Jormangandr, the last Eye of Odin, Shard of Mjolnir, bones of Baldr, fangs from Fenrir, the broken chains of Gleipnir, and the strongest mythril ever mined. A final ingredient was added to ensure no one could simply copy the design and that was the Will of the Einheriar. Using these materials the dwarves forged this weapon to empower Sykk to help build the new world after Ragnarok was over. The wood of Ygdrisill forms a long shaft which branches out at the tip creating a cage which harbors the last Eye of Odin. Shards of Mjolnir are embedded with the bark which is bound by the chain links of Gleipnir to the body which is has plates covering it made of the scales of Jormangandr and bones of Baldr. The Mythril is within the bark creating the gears and moving parts which allow the staff to transform into a bow and a war axe. The Fangs of Fenrir reside on the opposing end creating a curved bladed edge. Within Axe form, the fangs slide along the shaft and form over the Eye of Oden creating the axe head. When in bow form the eye moves to center of the shaft as it breaks and creates the arc of the bow. The fangs are shrunken down using faye magic and shift to the tips of the arc.

Powers gifted by Wrath of Ragnarok: The staff grants Sykk various abilities simply being in close proximity of the staff. The Eye Grant's Sykk godlike strength, stamina, and durability to match Odin himself as well as ancient magical knowledge and strategy. The shards of Mjolnir allow Sykk to channel and control lightning and in bow form uses the lightning to shape arrows. When in axe or staff mode the lightning can be channeled to the bladed end of the shaft enhancing its cutting power and reducing the degrading of the Fang blades.
Who I'd like to meet:
The dick who hacked me and deleted my info

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